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The Numerology Forecast - March 2019

The horizon over a cloudy sea with the word MARCH written in capital latters. From The Numerology Forecast by Novalee Wilder

The month of March is happening - on your calendar and energy wise - right now and here's the forecast you need to get the most out of this early spring month.

The themes in play this month are all connected to love, family, relationship and heart-centered matters. With Mercury in retrograde for most of the month, this means that there is a retrospective quality to the global vibrations.

Mercury goes Retrograde in Pisces on March 5th and direct on March 28th. You'll get my tips on sailing smoothly through this period in your inbox if you sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page!

While the overall themes of 2019 are still in play all year long, this month offers us a chance to dive into the stories that have to do with loyalty, love, and lessons surrounding trusting our intuition and heart-wisdom when it comes to the relationships we form with others and ourselves.

March is asking you these pointed questions: Are you a loyal person? Can people rely upon you to do what you say you'll do and show up when you've committed to a relationship or project?

If not why are you lying to yourself and others in this way? What would it take to be honest with yourself about what is most important? What would it do for your self-esteem and general reputation if you cleaned up your act and only said yes to things you're excited and fired up about in all areas of your life?

Can you trust yourself? What comes first on your list of priorities? The commitment you pledge to others or the oaths you swore to yourself? Is the reason you're not committing to showing up in some areas of your life not because you don't trust other people - but because you don't believe in yourself?

March is perfect for uncovering and releasing limiting beliefs connected to love. From your earliest memories to your most recent heartaches. Look at the stories you have built upon your experiences. See if a more positive narrative is possible. Let go of the lie of unworthiness and the same of sensitivity.

This month will show you the shadow side of wanting to open up to others - the fact that you have to open up to yourself first. Nothing good can rush into your life like a whirlwind romance if you don't first make space by clearing out old stagnant ideas and limiting beliefs.

An honest heart that overflows with gratitude and self-awareness is a heart one can rely on. A heart that is fiercely connected to its own beat. Following the rhythm that only it can hear. This is your heart, your time and your year to trust yourself and rewrite your story.

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100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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