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I feel a great energetic shift inside of me - way more calmness, joy, and optimism. I keep getting lots of delicious visions of my future and I’ve had dreams about things from my past that I now feel I can let go of. The wildest thing I’ve experienced after the session is that my surroundings have already started changing in the most positive way. It only confirms that it’s been a very significant energetic shift.

Isaebel Björgdóttir
NLP Hypnotherapist + Life Coach

Does your life feel like one long repetitive cycle of the trials, challenges, and limitations? This happens when your current name constantly attracts these things. A harmonious name will unravel the heavy knots and bring your dreams closer.


An inharmonious name limits what you can create and the access you have to the gifts that your birthday holds. A harmonious name changes everything. It will bring you home to yourself and in direct connection with the core of who you truly are, so you can feel into and create a life you love from the inside out.


No matter why you’re exploring change in your inner and outer circumstances, numerology can help you on the journey.


Deeper love, new possibilities, and just more you! I'll support you through the process so you can take ownership of the direction and intention behind the life you’re craving. I see you and create a space where we can envision the possible change together. You and your wishes for the future will be honored. It can be vulnerable to look into the life experience that your current name has created and it's immensely important that you're the one who makes the decision about the transformation that a name change is calling into your life.

A new name is not a Band-Aid. When you're asking to be seen clearly and ready for a thorough upheaval in all parts of your life, you'll be called to this. Your name plays a huge part in what you attract in the way of people, relationships, and how your life unfolds.


A name change will remove anything that’s standing in the way of your potential, even the stuff you like to hide behind. Just as you can’t help but be affected by your current name the universe can't resist the invitation to lift your vibration when you change it.

I've walked this path before you and know how the butterflies in your stomach starts acting up just when you're about to jump into a new life. I listen to you and your approach to the change that is coming.


Nothing else has brought about such immense and profound transformation in my life as my own name change and I'm honored to offer the experience to you. The amount of responsibility you take for the direction of your new life will directly influence how you experience it.

The moment you book your session I begin the work on your vibrational shift in collaboration with all the energies surrounding you.

I'll spend at least one day looking through the possibilities and numeroscopes that are available to you. I'll listen to the inputs I receive from your spiritual team (they are always very excited about the journey you're about to go on!) and feel into what the lessons and messages that are important that you get.


I've seen the need for support after name changes and am including 12-months of support videos for my clients. This bonus will help you navigate the first year after your official name change. Because you deserve the best!


Making giant leaps in vibration takes courage and support. Most of the questions I get are about the release of the old name, its vibrations and the experience after a name change. I have so many tools and insights to share gathered from my own and my clients experiences and I want you to have them all.

The videos offer practical and spiritual tools and help you gain perspective throughout the journey. We will cover everything from your physical release to your karmic one. You'll also get a guided meditation that works wonders when all the transformation gets a bit much. You'll receive a new video every month to help you integrate the new vibrations with ease on every level. This bonus video series will start as soon as you inform me of your official name change.


After our session, I work on the energy surrounding your name change to support you and create flow on all levels. Below are pictures of some of the elements of the ceremony.

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SESSION An in-depth 2+ hour reading of your birthday and current name + audio and video recording of it for you to listen back to whenever you want.



  • A new numeroscope with descriptions of all vibrations in it and how they will work for you.

  • Lots of name lists to get inspired by.

  • Yearly cycles for at least the next 7 years.

  • Video on picking the right name for you.


BONUSES to support you after your session


  • After session ceremony for easy integration and flow.​

  • One full year of support videos, The Integration Meditation, and more for your journey through the release. New videos will show up in your inbox each month.

  • Free Name Check-Up to gift to someone you want to share your numerology interest with.

PRICE $1500

Payment plan at $250 pr month for 6 months. Book here.




Everything included in THE NAME CHANGE SESSION +


  • Elevate your name change journey and the first year after it by getting access to 1:1 support, mentoring and numerology insights when it fits your life.

  • Personalized  resources so you can make the most of every part of your new name sooner.

  • In depth yearly cycle maps so you can work with the energy and plan accordingly.

  • Prioritized booking - schedule and reschedule your sessions with shorter notice and skip the line!



  • This package includes 12 x 1-hour sessions that can be booked throughout the year. These can be used to make sense of your release, an add on to your name change, as support for your business or career and/or as part of your personal journey.

PRICE $ 6500

Payment plan at $725 pr month for 9 months. Book here.



Mettemarrie Lassen

Grief Counselor + Sensetik Therapist

It's new for me to have thoughts like: "I don't want to fight anymore." I'm less afraid of being cast out and left behind.


The themes of belonging are so fundamentally important to me. I know this because from the beginning of my life I had to give up on me - to be with others. It's such a relief to get that acknowledgment and maybe the biggest driving force behind my name change - that I am myself - independent of what other important people in my life think or feel about that.


Living Yolates Teacher + Holistic Energytherapist

I felt extremely safe during the session. The energy you emit is so light and warm. You're so far from being judgemental or a know-it-all and it creates this feeling that you really want what's best for me and that I can do whatever I want without it being weird as long as it's my truth I'm following. During the session, I felt like you could almost see right through me and my history by describing my numeroscope to me.


Mathilda Aurora Phoenix

Living Yolates Teacher

Wow. It’s hard to describe in a few words the many emotional and mental changes that have happened during and after the session. Novalee put words to things I couldn’t have described any better myself. It created a far larger comprehension of who I am.


The biggest shift is that I feel a deeper level of empathy and understanding for myself. In general, it has been redeeming to declare that I wanted to change my name.


The session was one long continuous light-bulb moment and I feel so grateful.


Looking for the long form testimonials? Here they are:

My hesitations before book a session were primarily to do with my business. Knowing that I'd have to change literally everything and rebrand.

During my session with Novalee, I felt heard and seen. It was a safe, sacred, and open space where everything could be shared. She made sure I understood everything and answered all of my questions.

I absolutely feel the change! The weeks after, while I was finding the right names were somewhat emotional, frustrating and kinda sensitive, but in a good way. Once the name was in place - oh boy - I had not expected that difference. It's like the most beautiful flower blooming. Simply beautiful.

Novalee does not kid around. She sees behind the veil and is extremely prepared coming into the session, so all you have to do is lean back, open yourself up, listen, and process.

I would highly recommend Novalee if you're looking for a professional numerologist (and I have and I do) as she will give it to you straight. Based on your numeroscope she'll know all of the shit you've got going on, so there's really no place to hide. You might as well get it all out and allow Novalee to support you with an amazing and solid foundation for you to expand from.

One thing I absolutely love about Novalee is her unwavering insistence on truth and no-nonsense bullshit and her deep knowledge. She very clearly knows what she does and does it really well. The energetic difference since my name change with Novalee is so very clearly felt. It's like everything just runs smoother. Like a powerful machine that clearly needed an oil change. If you've found your way into her space there's a reason for it! Follow that guidance!

Maria Saraphina, Spiritual Business Coach + Mentor + Catalyst, Los Angeles.