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Pay $1150 now

or $195 per month for 6 months.

An in-depth session with a reading of your current names and numerological essence.


Run time around 2+ hours and the audio recording of our time together for you to take home and listen back to whenever you want.

A new numeroscope with descriptions of all vibrations in it and how they will work for you.


Lots of name lists to choose your new name from.


Yearly cycles calculated and explained for at least the next 7 years.



The chance to gift

The Appetizer session!


So you can share a bit of numerology and a taste of your newfound knowledge with someone you love!

VALUE: $159



One full year of support in the form of videos. An integrational meditation and tools that support your journey through the release. A new video will show up in your inbox each month for 12 months.

VALUE: $500

THE 'YOU WON'T GET THIS ANYWHERE ELSE' BONUS: Making giant leaps in vibration takes courage and it takes support. That's why I've created a 12 part video series to help you navigate the first year after your official name change. The videos offer practical and spiritual tools and help you gain perspective throughout the journey. You'll receive a new video every month to help you integrate the new vibrations with ease on every level. This video series will start as soon as you inform me of your official name change.


$1150 now

or $195 per month for 6 months.


I’ve had a lot of doubts when it came to a name change, or rather I knew all along that I wanted to do it, but my ego and anxiety made a lot of noise. When I got over that part I actually didn’t have any reservations. I felt very open to the entire experience.


Wow. It’s hard to describe in a few words the many emotional and mental changes that have happened during and after the session. Novalee put words to things I couldn’t have described any better myself. It created a far larger comprehension of who I am. The biggest shift is that I feel a deeper level of empathy and understanding for myself. In general, it has been redeeming to declare that I wanted to change my name. The session was one long continuous light-bulb moment and I feel so grateful.


It was great to have the outline of the old numeroscope to understand the new one. It all made an insane amount of sense and I was repeatedly impressed by how clear, precise and skilled Novalee is and how amazing she conveys numerology and her insights. It’s hard to get more specific as I think everything in the session came together to form a really lovely experience.


I would most definitely recommend a name change session. To anyone who feels it calling already. I think the pull has to come from within. I think everyone should invest in a name change but then again it does not call on everyone so it has to be something that people feel drawn to. With that said I would always recommend Novalee as a numerologist if a name change is in the works.


I felt very seen during the entire session and it’s without a doubt one of the moments that have given me the deepest understanding of myself.

—  Mathilda Aurora Phoenix Søndergaard, Denmark

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