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Podcast Episode - Keep Your Candle Lit


What is numerology and what does it mean to be truthful? How can fear, false stories about yourself, your date of birth, and your name affect you? Suzie & Novalee explore the evolution of truth, relationships, and being Leos. Novalee shares insight on numerology, the vibration behind names, and integrity as well as the impact of labels (example- obsession versus passion). Listen in as Novalee generously offers Suzie a numerology reading that is very accurate. 

Video - Conversations - with Megan Caper and Novalee Wilder


In this episode of Conversations Novalee tells us all about numerology AND about how your name can affect your energies. Megan rushed out and downloaded her book right after this conversation. So interesting!

Podcast Episode - Det Spirituelle Hjørne


(DANISH) Novalee Wilder er skuespiller, men arbejder i dag primært som numerolog. Hun fortæller om sin rejse til at blive numerolog og hvad vi kan bruge tal-vibrationer til. Vi taler også om at være "ung og bitter", destruktive forelskelser, vrede, perfektionisme og ægte kærlighed.

Video - Ask The Numerologist: How to pick the right name?


In this video, you get professional numerologist Novalee Wilder's best tips on how to pick the right name for you. We go through the process, name lists, common pitfalls, taking breaks, asking for signs and making sure that you'll love your new name.

Article - The 12 Spiritual Laws - Well+Good


Novalee was interviewed by Jessica Estrada for this short and sweet read in the online health, wellness, and lifestyle magazine Well+Good. Learn 'How to harness the power of the 12 laws of the universe to improve your life' by understanding the forces that surround us.

Podcast Episode - Your Soul is Knocking


Listen to BQH PractitionerJen Shin and Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder talk numerology, name change, house numbers, pricing and the vibration of 2020 on this episode of Your Soul is Knocking!

Podcast Episode - Intuitive Queens


Watch and/or listen to Intuitive Queens with Mara Marchesi and Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder! In this episode, we dive into Novalee's story, her name change and relationship to intuition. So much gold got shared. Listen on Itunes, Spotify or watch on Youtube!

Book Signing + Author Talk - in Copenhagen, Denmark


Mød Novalee, få fingrene i en signeret eksemplar af A Little bit of Numerology, hør om hendes eget navneskifte og få svar på dine spørgsmål omkring numerologien og hvad den kan.

Tirsdag d. 4. februar

kl 16-17:30

Læderstræde 13

1201 København K


Podcast Episode - The Magdalene Voices


Watch and/or listen to The Magdalene Voices with Maria Saraphina and Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder! Get answers to all your questions: What is Numerology? The spiritual science behind it and the 9 base numbers. How to use numerology in your own life and what to do if a name change is calling you.

Article - What Is The Lucky Number For 2020? It Depends On Your Birthday


A lot of people have special numbers that hold significance to them and may have even brought good fortune from time to time. Maybe it’s a special date, like your wedding or your child’s birthday. So if you have your sights set on the New Year, you might want to know what dates are the luckiest for you.

Podcast Episode - The Power of Healing Your Energy


The Power Of Healing Your Energy with Novalee Wilder and Christine Gold of 24K Healing. We talk Numerology 101, Repeating numbers, 12/12 and 2020!

Podcast Episode - Brokenhearted


Loss, grief, and trauma shape us more than anything else. It can limit us if we don't engage with the emotions and patterns that (any) loss can trigger. Listen to Novalee Wilder, Professional Numerologist & Althea Branton, creator of the Brokenhearted podcast in this episode on grief, loss and freedom.

Podcast Episode - The Creative Soul Healing Podcast


Novalee is a guest on The Creative Soul Healing Podcast! Listen to her talk with the wonderful Larissa Russel who is sharing and showing the connection between healing and creativity. Her show centers and showcases healers and people who have healed using creativity (eg: Abuse survivors, Cancer survivors). Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform now!

Book Signing + Author Talk - in LA


Meet Novalee and get insights into the writing process of the book 'A Little bit of Numerology', her own name change, and why Numerology is the best kept secret that you need in your spiritual toolbox.

Nov. 23rd, 2019, 3-5pm

Mystic Journey Bookstore

1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd

Venice, CA 90291.

Video - Book Teaser for A Little bit of Numerology


 A Little bit of Numerology is the best introduction to the exciting world of Numerology! A step-by-step guide shows how to calculate your essence by examining the numbers 1 through 9 and using the results to explore your personality, understand essential life lessons, and figure out goals. Available nationwide and from your favorite bookstore today!

Podcast episode - Spiritual Business Spotlight


Novalee talked with Susan Ellis-Saller on all things numerology and name change related. Tune in to learn more about integrity in lightwork and how many spiritual fields are connected through numbers!

Article - 6sqft


Feature by Cait Etherington with quotes by Numerologist Novalee Wilder about the New York City real estate market and why numerology plays a surprisingly significant role in how some units are priced, how quickly they sell, and most importantly, to which buyers.

Article - How to use your birthdate to decode your inner and outer personality types - Well +Good


Novalee was interviewed by Erin Magner for this short and sweet read in the online health, wellness, and lifestyle magazine Well+Good. Numerology is a growing field and Novalee gives you a quick intro to the background and basics of how to use this ancient esoteric system.

Laptop Wallpaper - There is always more...


Do you need a gentle reminder that good things are on their way and that there is always more of whatever seems to be lacking in your life? Then download the affirmation wallpapers today!

Podcast episode - Rising She Tribe


Actress & Artist turned Numerologist, this Goddess will be coming in to teach how Numerology can create massive shifts without the 'soul sucking struggle'. The Rising She Podcast showcases Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs and their spiritual gifts, connecting with like minded soul sisters from all corners of the globe and spreading their awesome woo-woo wisdom!

Video - Guest Expert Interview with Novalee


Part of the Thriving Super Star Academy created by Sasha Niala. A guest interview with an expert in the field of Numerology and name change. We have invited Novalee to talk about Chaldean numerology, base numbers and more.

Interview - Enlighten Magazine, The Mindset issue


A whole issue of Enlighten magazine dedicated to mindset and personal growth. Read the interview with Novalee on page 29.

Artbook - Stories about surrender and letting go


A beautiful digital art book with twelve contributions from women about letting go. The art of Eva Gossenreiter compliments poetry, prose, mantras and advice from healers, artists, coaches, writers and multi passionate entrepreneurs. Novalee's contribution touches on numerology, minimalism and letting go of dysfunctional patterns.

Podcast episode - Honestly Lisa gets a reading by Novalee the Numerologist


A fun and fast paced episode with Lisa Orkin of Honestly Lisa fame and Novalee. We cover so much in this episode and also get to goof around. Would Lisa's life be different if she had changed her name to Ollie Orkin back when Shelly Winters said it would make her famous? Listen to get the answer!

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