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The Numerology Forecast - December 2023

Novalee Wilder on a beach

It’s the final forecast for the year and there are a lot of energies in play in the final weeks of 2023. Before we get into those energies I do have a book coming out in December and I can't wait to see it in the hands of new and old readers! ‘A Little Bit of Angel Numbers’ is available for pre-order and is the perfect book for your wishlist and to gift others.

We’re riding the last waves of 2023's energy and are still a bit influenced by November and so the themes of the year might be reaching a precipice on a micro and macro level in your world. How is your fear doing? How is your faith doing? What would alleviate the fear and what would strengthen your faith?

There is a real ‘the world is falling apart’ undercurrent this month and the answer here is to do it anyway. It being the thing that your attention is being diverted from. Sure the world is going to hell in a hand basket but do you need to watch it so closely? Are you a spectator and or a initiator? There is a certain power in things born from desperation, from despair, from the final pitch and in the moments when a door is closing. We can have a tendency to underestimate and disregard those ‘Hail Mary’ moments but they are often the most honest version of a wish, stripped bare of careful planning and pretty wrappings. So if you have something in you that feels like a mix between the first step, a rock bottom or a final push, then December is the time to leave it all on the stage.

Do it with abandon, with no regard for how it will be received. Do it for the moment of creativity, the moment of truth you feel so deeply it carries the power of all new possibilities within it.

After all that pressure and exertion we move into a more detached, reflective energy that asks us to not take things personally and to just adjust and move with the flow. If people argue, do not stop the action you know is carrying you forward.

Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water.” - Bruce Lee

We are influenced by the new energy of 2024 slowly coming into focus. The new year starts with lots of endings which actually means that if you have any shorter projects, kick starts, boot camps, things that need finishing (or to want to start with the gift of a deadline) then starting them now would be beneficial.

There is a lot of positivity and wishes getting granted in December but it does feel like we might have to act like moles and dig in without a clear vision but simply follow the scent and feel of our desires.

The transitional energy of 2023 turning into 2024 could be significant for people with prominent 15/6 energy in their name and numeroscope. This could be extra focus, attention and fame but could equally be confrontations where the facades need to fall, our identity and personas are questioned and we need to be more authentic and vulnerable with our loved ones. A very raw yet rewarding holiday season could be ahead of you if you carry a lot of 15/6 energy.

Here are the cards for this month from Tosha Silver's The Wild Offering Oracle deck. The deck uses different words throughout for the Divine so feel free to replace it with your own if the one on the card doesn't quite resonate.

Empowerment - When you ask the Divine to take over, you get pulled into your own authentic power. It's a force of inner Love that WANTS your wholeness and magnificence. Unfold my true and radiant self, dear Lord!

Calmness - The inner Divine is the witness of All, remaining still and quiet - even during intense turbulence. So take a deep breath, and then say, "Quiet my mind, dear Lord. May Your peaceful calm take over!"

Contentment - You can learn to rest in what you already have and already are. Suddenly you remember: I'm right here resting in God!

100% Love


PS: Know someone who would love to know more about what this month has in store for us? Share this forecast with them now!


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