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The Numerology Forecast for 2024

A new year is upon us and what a year it’s going to be! We’re entering the second to last year of our 9 year cycle that started in 2017. 2024 is an 8 year (2+0+2+4 = 8) with the sub themes of 20/2 and 24/6 and we’re going to experience everything within the spectrum of the number 8 and these compound numbers. 


This is a year of depth and balance, lessons of growth, karmic meetings and power. So we’re going to have to dig through the surface layers, look at our own extremes, witness others choose the wrong thing and have to touch base with our destiny. Yes, 8 years are roller coasters for our internal planes and outer realities. 


8 energy has the widest range of expression of all the numbers. At its core it is here to explore the connection between heaven and earth. This means that it’s going to be a year of big words and big emotions. A lot of first letter capitalization. Spirituality and Practicality. Love and Hate. Connection and Isolation. Power & Weakness. War and Peace. Success and Failure. Authenticity and Fakeness.


In the last weeks of 2023 and going into 2024 with a little Mercury Rx to make it all stick a little bit longer, we're working through the overlapping energies of 7 and 8. There can be drama and challenges in these weeks and the antidote is found in rewriting our stories. More than most years, this New Year our resolutions are best centered on affirming what kind of people we are, and using our identity to inform our goals. 


Remember that the years are like waves on a beach and that the shift from one to the next can take a few tides to fully integrate. If you need to digest 2023 then check out the process I share about in the last forecast for 2022 and then move on to this:


A New Year's ritual for the transition between 2023 and 2024 and any time you need to refocus:


  • Take stock of the things you have achieved this year. From the mental and emotional to the physical and financial. 

  • Now turn the achievements into positive ‘I am’ statements. You have proof that these statements are true because the goals have become real.

  • From there write out the next natural steps in the progression of your identity. These steps are the goals you will achieve with the most ease in 2024.


Example: My goal for 2023 was to see my angel number book idea become real. I signed the contract in January and it was published on December 19th. To achieve this goal these are the statements that I fed my subconscious:

I am a writer. I am an author. I am the kind of person who can go from a spark of inspiration to holding my hardcover book in my hands within 12 months. I show up for the projects I commit to. A book is the only possible outcome of the fun I’m having writing it. 

My next natural step is to decide what the next book is going to be (the title arrived years ago!) and then start writing it.


Our actions are born from the kind of person we believe ourselves to be.


Another example: My goal for 2023 was to lose weight and become more comfortable in my body. I lost 33 lbs/15kg of weight this year from eating differently. To achieve this goal these are the statements that I fed my subconscious:

I am healthy. I care for my body and its needs with love. I know how to feed myself right. Healthy choices are easy for me. I am the kind of person who takes care of ‘future me’. I am deeply satisfied by the foods I eat. Everything is easier for a body in motion so I stay in motion.

My next natural steps are to continue what is working and to get help with any aspects I have yet to make a natural habit of on the journey.


These are some of the big goals, there were smaller ones, some of them tied to the same identity and so the same statements applied. I’m all about the shortest and easiest route from a desire to the manifestation and I find that my identity is the most powerful dial to adjust. 


If you know you need to shift your identity then a name change is one of the most powerful things you can choose to do. See how to work with me on that here.


This year our identities and authentic expression is more important than ever. How we respond to lies will have a far reaching impact. Waking up from the lull of falsehoods, distorted images, communication and news. Any kind of spiritual or emotional bypassing will push us to point it out. One of the main points of contention could be about what constitutes a lie - in the eyes of the world and to you.


We’re all born naked and the rest is drag.

- RuPaul, Born November 17th, 1960.


2024 is the year to reinvent yourself, from the clothes you wear, to the things you pursue, to how you talk to yourself and how you show up in any and all spaces. I am always preaching about decluttering and simplifying but this year the message is tied to maximizing your joy and impact. 


With 8 years it can be helpful to think of your choices in the context of ‘this is my last time to do it’. With many of our dreams and goals we think “I will pursue it when X”. X being some future version of us that is more ‘worthy’ of going after and receiving our desires. Maybe your internal refrain is some version of: “when I’m fit, thin, rich, successful. Or when my voice sounds better or my hair/clothes/house/work looks better. Or when this person won’t see it, when I feel braver, when my kid sleeps through the night/goes off to college, when I’ve worked through this trauma, when I have more time, when the freaking weather is better then I’ll do X. 


WHEN is a lovely way of never getting to the version of you that is begging to be released. There are many ways to combat the insidiousness of ‘WHEN’ and this year it helps to look at our goals as the very last opportunity. If this was the last time you got to do those things, wear that outfit, see that person, state your truth, ask that question, add your opinion, swim in the ocean, whatever it is. Would you do it? Or would you stay frozen in the WHEN as your authenticity is extinguished and your desires lose out on being made real through you? 


Perfection is the antithesis of authenticity.

- Willie Garson, Born February 20, 1964


I recorded a podcast episode with the amazing Rev. Bunny Love-Schock on her Whisky Made Woman Podcast that I’m excited to share later in 2024. In it I touched on perfectionism as part of a child's mind. To me this is a concept that has unfolded more and more through my thirties. The idea of reaching or being able to embody any kind of perfection lives in the same box as absolutes, turning people into idols, making our parents or partners into villains or saints. Seeing ourselves as victims without agency and having a narrow point of view of the past. I see this being integrated throughout 2024. We will understand that people contain multitudes and honor the continuous growth in ourselves and others that is part of life. 


There will be some masterful tricks of deception, blame shifting, and misdirection moments in 2024. When the 8 energy is unbalanced our personas can run the show, our white lies become pyramid schemes. Great sums of money and brain power will be building impressive castles of deception. Please choose to be real this year. Commit to the journey of self-knowledge and self-awareness.


2024 will ask you to take responsibility for the situations you’re in with radical honesty. It could be time to downsize. To move away from the city. To get a roommate to cover rent. To get a full time job. To examine the idea you’ve had of freedom or love. To save more aggressively for retirement. To realize you’re alone in pulling the mental load and get that divorce. 8 is always tied to karma and the consequences of our actions are here to be dealt with. 


I know this all can sound heavy and challenging. In all honesty 8 years are no joke and they have always pushed me with equal parts pleasure and pain into a more authentic version of myself. So my best advice is to embrace the mess, the hard conversations, the fact that you might need to fall apart a bit or leave something precious behind this year. But the version of you that emerges on the other side is so much more grounded, powerful and aligned. Each authentic choice powers you up!


100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist, Writer and Mentor


PS: Know someone who would love to know more about what 2024 has in store for us? Share this forecast with them now!


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