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Kristine Lauritzen,

Actress & Horse Trainer

I just listened to the meditation again and it was great. I love your voice with the music, it all fits so perfectly. I love that the speed is not too fast, I can take my time and slow down, it feels delicious.

There is such a presence in your voice, it really felt like your were my own personal guide. Thank you!


I really liked the part about feeling my mid-line and the concrete aspects of placing the intention inside. Before listening to the meditation I felt a lack of sleep, a bit a ll over the place and spacey, like I was walking through the world without feeling it.


After listening I feel grounded and in touch with myself and the world.

I'd recommend this meditation to everyone - just listen! It's so great to flow from this into bed but also for just a midday break, I love the I get guided back to the present moment and can move on with my day.


Josefa Maria Pedersen

Energy worker + Vølva

This is seriously the most magical and unique  meditation you've created. Thank you for making it. It's is so far removed from all other meditations I've ever listened to -  your wisdom shines throughout it.

I feel like I flew upwards through the ten dimensions and at the same time I got ten levels deeper into myself and into my body. My energy got a work-out and things got released instantaneously. I get calm and can listen to this any time of the day as it just grounds me.


 I think this is an awesome tool for my release. It's been 10 months since I received a harmonious numeroscope and name but even though it's been a while there are still some big energetic outbursts and the meditation is perfect for those.

I'd recommend this for anyone who've changed their name and still feel the a bit hungover energetically and have to get used to this new level. For people who still feel influenced by their old name. This is a heaven sent gift.


Elenor Lind

Reflexologist & Healer

Dear Novalee

I've listened to your meditation every day for almost a month. It's SO lovely to listen to your uplifting and calming voice. Thank you for holding my hand through this name change. Every part of these tools are worth its weight in gold!

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