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Are you curious about numerology but would like a taste before ordering the whole cake?

This session sheds light on both the big themes in your life and on the small but constant battles that your names can bring on. You'll get valuable insights into the core issues in your numeroscope. This will make it easy to decide if you're ready to upgrade your vibrational setup and want the full package = THE NAME CHANGE SESSION.


This session is the right next step if you're drawn to Numerology yet unsure how to piece together the information you've found up until now.


I understand completely the mix of curiosity, hope and skepticism that can swirl around inside when you're awakening to the possibility and excitement of a name change and exploring your options. My sessions are tailored to you and give you the best foundation to base your next vibrational jump on.


THE PRACTICALITIES: I'll record and email you a 15 min. audio file within 24 hours after your booked time. After you download it you can listen back to it as many times as you want.

Price $159

  • This session is also for you if you've changed your name on your own or with another Numerologist and are wondering if there is an upgrade or different set up that would fit better. The session can be used to check the set up for your business and see if you could get more customers and cashflow - and who doesn't' want that?!


Before booking The Appetizer Session, I kept seeing number sequences and wanted to know what they were about and to gain some insight on my purpose in this lifetime and through my work - I feel like I am at a stage where I can go left or right and needed the guidance.

Everything was very spot on - I especially liked how you picked out curiosities of mine, that I did not mention to you - you confirmed I should pursue them... also, you emphasized how important it is for me to fill my own cup more than others.. and as of late I have been feeling so depleted - this made everything so clear!

I noticed a shift in my behavior after the session. I’ve said no to several things, lost some clients (which I'm happy about) and decided that I'm no longer serving everyone besides myself.

What resonated most for me was how much I give to others and not to myself... it just clicked to me differently than before.

I’d recommend the session to anyone who wants some clarity and direction - who wants their curiosities confirmed, who feel stuck and don’t know how to get out of the stuck-ness!

—  Elinor Cohen, Intuitive Business & Marketing Strategist, USA

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