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I picked it up because I changed my name using numerology but wanted to know more about the process my numerologist used. I felt like I could do a numeroscope on my own after reading the book and I'm looking forward to understanding people around me on a different level.

The writer is very generous with information and instructions. It's a serious little book with valuable information to help understand patterns in your life.



—  Helen Waters, Actress, Director & Writer, NYC

Get 10% off THE APPETIZER SESSION by sharing a picture of your book reciept with Novalee today.


Coming to numerology was, originally, for me, a resignation. A surrender. I was at the end of my rope and would've done practically anything if only it meant the repetitive cycle I was in would end. With numerology it did. My reason for reading A Little Bit About Numerology is that I know the author, her incredible nerdy, geeky side and how passionate she is about numerology. What I found is a book filled with the most magnificent wisdom made readily available to any reader ready.

Novalee has a way of translating the currents of the Universe and make it completely understood. Pulling from the ethers and grounding it into the world in a way that it becomes accessible and usable.

I was surprised at how much is actually in the book so the title "A Little Bit of Numerology" can actually be misguiding. The depth and wisdom of the book clearly shows how the author knows her stuff and makes you want to know more. Something that surprised me the history of name changes in indigenous cultures and how we've seemingly "lost" that.

I love how A Little Bit of Numerology "weaves the worlds". It's both ethereal and super practical at the same time. The author does a great job of taking something that might be difficult to understand and delivers it in a way that makes it easy to digest and more importantly use in my own life.

After reading the book I really just want to sit at the fire of Novalee and listen to her unique interpretation and understanding of the world. As someone who's already changed her name, I'm also considering getting a checkup as well as get a deeper understanding of the months and years to come.

Even though it's been years since my first name change I learned a lot and would absolutely recommend it whether you're curious about numerology or have already changed your name.

One thing I feel is important to point out is that A Little Bit About Numerology is not filled with fluff and airy-fairy stuff (nothing wrong with fairies ;o)). This book is filled with light and love AND grounded and practical - the perfect combination if you ask me.


—  Mariaestela Zoe Gullestrup, Spiritual Business Coach & Mentor, Denmark

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