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Books by Novalee Wilder

Welcome to the spiritual book club! A Little Bit of Numerology (2019) and A Little Bit of Angel Numbers (2023) are great introductions to the energetic world of numbers and the vibration behind them.


Both books are easy reads that can be used as starting points and reference texts for beginners and more advanced spiritually curious readers.

Join the more than 25.000+ readers of my first book A Little Bit of Numerology today and be the first to dive into my second book A Little Bit of Angel Numbers, available from all major bookstores and internationally.

Happy Reading!

Novalee Wilder in front of lavender wall

A Little Bit of Angel Numbers

Have you ever randomly looked at the clock and noted that it was 11:11? Then congratulations: you’ve received a message from the universe. Angel numbers, repeating numerical sequences with mystical significance tied to numerology, are a spiritual concept that is experiencing a surge of popularity. Tied into synchronicity and manifestation, angel numbers can provide a path through chaotic times.

A Little Bit of Numerology

Want to learn more about numerology? Then this is the book for you. From the history of numerology, through base numbers, name vibrations, how to calculate your own numeroscope and case studies A Little Bit of Numerology covers it all in an easy-to-use fashion. This is a great introduction to Chaldean Numerology and how to use it in your daily life and relationships. The book is available everywhere books are sold and internationally.


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