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The Numerology Forecast - 2019 + January

YES! It’s here - it’s finally here! 2019 is taking over the reins from 2018 and this new year has such a different feeling, agenda, and vibration from last year that it might get you confused about what’s going on. Similar to when two currents collide and the water can get a bit tricky to navigate. There is still much old hurt and drama that needs to break through the shadows in 2019.

If you haven’t yet taken some time to look at the process and depth that 2018 asked us to dive into, now is the moment. The feminine and sensitive heart that was exposed through the ups and downs of last year took us through a roller coaster on both a global scale and probably mirrored your own life to some extent. We all have big and full hearts, filled with all the scars of expansion and hurt that life has dealt us. 2018 showed us some of them. Many related to trust, companionship, male vs. female roles on all levels and how much courage and focus it takes to stay calm in the eye of the storm. Maybe 2018 swept you away on a magical path of transformation or maybe it just knocked you down repeatedly so you would recognize that the process of becoming is often a process of unraveling the idea of perfection.

A Ritual for The New Year + January

Take a moment now and acknowledge the last 12 months. Grab a piece of paper and write down at least 12 highlights of 2018, one for each month. Fill each memory, accomplishment or milestone with gratitude and appreciation. You made them happen. Steps were taken, actions aligned and you always did the best you could in any given situation. Mine the gold and wisdom from your setbacks and celebrate your successes. Now find the 12 things you want to rid yourself off and not keep dealing with in 2019. See if any of them have repeating lessons and patterns to them. It’s time to let them go.

If you want a fun way of physically marking the 12 things you wish to leave behind and not take with you into 2019, here it is. Do make sure they are things, patterns, people and places that you’re truly ready to let go off. I’m mixing in a bit of Astrology in your Numerology newsletter for this one. You have four options:

If you’re a fire sign: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius – find an outdoor or well-ventilated place and burn your list, scatter the ashes outside your home.

If you’re a water sign: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – freeze your list in a Ziploc bag or freezer-safe container. Leave it frozen for at least 9 days before discarding the contents.

If you’re an earth sign: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo – rip up your list and bury it outside your home. Make sure it’s written on a compostable material before putting it in mama earth’s soil.

If you’re an air sign: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini – rip up your list into tiny pieces and find a windy spot like a tall bridge or building, top of a hill, or near the coast to scatter the pieces in the wind.

You can of course just pick the method that you feel most called to do. But if you want to work with your element then follow the one for your Sun sign.

Now that we have celebrated and said goodbye to the past year let's dive into 2019.

The Global Vibration of 2019

This year is a 3 year in our global vibrational cycle. 2+0+1+9 = 12, 1+2 = 3. Years that have 3 as their digit sum will make us focus on the elements that make up the core of the base number 3:

Ambition, success, work, focus, drive, determination, balanced masculinity, mental acuity, education, and mastery.

This year is changing the pace and giving your actions more traction and power in the world. If you have tried to get things started in 2018 but felt like your foundation kept crumbling or that personal issues and unforeseen emotional challenges kept popping up then get excited about 2019!

We have a beautiful streak of positivity that should show up as a silver lining in any setbacks in 2019. The fire will be hard to put out this year and if you have the base number 3 in your essence you might feel that extra boost of support this year.

You’re a 3 if you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th in any month in any year. You also have 3 as your second base number if you’re born in a year where the digit sum is 3 like 1974, 1983 and 1992.

Want to learn more about your base numbers? Sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this page and get my free e-book: Your Numerological Essence. This introduction to the 9 base numbers is a great start to your numerological explorations.

We do have a very interesting theme this year about the spectrum of responsibility. Something we will undoubtedly see on a global scale. Some will keep playing the part of a victim of circumstances that are out of their control when they actually have the power to change them. Others will finally rise to the occasion and do the right thing no matter the consequences. This is a vibration that many people experience as part of their name vibrations and it leads to situations where we have to take responsibility for the drama and relationships in our lives that aren’t serving us. We have to work on the patterns and beliefs that keep us stuck. The fear of letting go of the past or a relationship and the fear of rising to the next level are two sides of the same coin.

You have to face your own fear of success this year. You’ll find that many of your excuses for moving ahead are really self-sabotaging behavior in disguise.

One of the keys to unlocking the potential of the vibration of 2019 is to spend some serious energy on visualizing what you want to feel, see, do and create from now on. Visualize it and then go straight to making it happen. Manifesting isn’t done in a vacuum and you have to follow the blueprint of your dreams diligently to make them real.

2019 wants you to be a doer, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hustle and grind yourself to the bone to see results. A true mental warrior is the 3 that clearly sees what is necessary to get ahead and cuts through the noise of distractions. It’s a year where you should work smarter, not harder. If you have a business, leadership position or just wear lots of hats on a daily basis then now is the time to streamline as much as possible. Create systems and workflows that serve you and your goals. Don’t get stuck on tiny details or doing everything yourself. Think big and make sure you ask for help when you need it.

The Global Vibration – January 2019

Now when looking at January as it relates to 2019 the themes that show up have a lot to do with movement and change. If your creative sparks have had a hard time becoming full-fledged ideas then January will provide the kick you need. If you’ve been thinking about moving, changing up your surroundings in any way or pondering a quick change of scenery – in the form of a new job, work out routine or just a weekend get-away, then now’s the time. January is for once supporting any resolutions about creating new habits. But pick the ones you’re excited about and believe are possible to keep up – the positive change only works if you do.

January’s vibration would like you to just flip the script on normal and predictable behavior. It’s an excellent time to try out new things and explore what else is out there. This doesn’t mean that you have to do something irresponsible to get a piece of the vibrational action though.

If you’ve shied away from looking at or taking charge of your finances or some other pain point then changing your tune and looking the challenge straight in the eyes would be a perfect use of this months energy.

January is also supporting you if you’re starting the groundwork in any areas of your life and it looks like a culmination of what you’re starting now could happen in May, only five short months away! So if you have had the inclination to start making moves in an area that has previously been left a bit alone then now is a great time to get started.

It goes almost without saying but since January’s theme is change and transformation it’s also an excellent time for a name change. If you feel the pull learn how to work with me.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author


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