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The Numerology Forecast - September 2019

a golden sunset behind a dark cluster of bushes. The word SEPTEMBER written in capital letters. The Numerology Forecast by Novalee Wilder

A new month brings a new global vibration for us to share. September is where you’ll feel the themes of 2019 extra strongly. This month will intensify our yearly lessons and push us to examine the WORK (hello Virgo season) and the ORGANIZATION of our lives.

Creating better systems for your daily tasks make it easier to get them done.

This is the season of checklists and trips to the goodwill store with brimming bags after a closet purge. While it can seem a bit boring it will serve you well to get your house in order before the rush of the last three months of the year. This also explains why I suddenly felt the urge to start using a bullet journal and invest in a filing cabinet!

September wants you to check in with your body and any unhealthy habits you’re ready to leave behind.

Now is the time to set reminders to limit your screen time, unsubscribe from sales emails and clear out your entranceway from worn-out shoes and broken beach umbrellas.

Are you practicing what you preach and taking ownership of the direction your life is taking?

Millions of students return or start the school year in September and it’s no coincidence that the global vibration wants you to examine the role of student and/or teacher this month. Look at the areas where you still regard yourself as a beginner and see if it’s time to challenge yourself to embody your work more. Step up the authority ladder and acknowledge your efforts and mastery of your craft.

If you’ve felt the pull to learn something new – now is the time to get it on the calendar, sign up for a free intro class or reach out to a mentor.

On a vibrational level, this month is all about the integration of knowledge.

If you feel like you’ve spent way too long working on other people’s dreams then September is beckoning you to take the steps toward a name change. Especially if you’re carrying more than your own burdens and really need to be able to hear your own inner teacher loud and clear.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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