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The Numerology Forecast - December 2022

The last forecast for the year is here! This has been such a weird year for me. So many ups and downs, stops and starts and I can feel the energetic difference before and after my birthday at the end of July. To me, it feels like I finally woke up to a bunch of realities and patterns that I had not even known about. Like when you go looking for something in a storage space and find a box of stuff that you had completely forgotten about. Since July I’ve been sorting through my box of forgotten stuff and it’s equal parts humbling and exhilarating to take action and release these old patterns. If this year has been a mixed bag for you too then doing the ritual for the end of 2022 further down in this post could help you see everything in a more positive light.

December this year is a month of endings and there is a lot of Mars energy in play. It’s normal to feel the pull to take inventory at the end of a calendar year and to want to look back for a bit but this December energy is extra determined to shut the door firmly and cut the cord on anything that is just not a fit anymore. This month will light a fire under you if you’re truly working and following your path and it will throw all the roadblocks and frustration at you if you’re off course.

This sense of being off course this month might manifest as intense boredom, feeling isolated, powerless and wanting to rebel or run away from anything traditional or expected. Depending on in tune you are with your own willpower, bouts of depression and/or anxiety can also show up.

Working with the element of fire can be helpful in December - whether it be lighting candles, building a bonfire, spending time in the sun, meditating on the cleansing power of fire, or burning bridges and releasing old agreements.

Mars energy also lends itself to arguments and a search for satisfaction and fulfillment. If you get pulled into drama, fights and disagreements in December always ask yourself if this is worth your energy. Let people have their way if there is no major loss to you and only engage if you truly feel like this is a hill to die on or something that will negatively impact you in major or lengthy ways. People are allowed their opinions and December is not really the right month to pit logic aginst emotion or try to stop people from burning down their life or relationships if that’s what they seem adamant to do.

There is a theme of power and rebirth as we exit the last days of this year and enter 2023. If you’ve been going through some shedding over the last 12 months - identity, home, relationships, career, etc. make sure you invest as much as you can in this new version of yourself as you spend on releasing the old. Relish the potential of the new space and the inherent possibilities within any emptiness created by things or people leaving. If you’re finding yourself with more time or space on your hands, let that time and space stretch and expand around you. If you’ve taken on new roles or responsibilities, enjoy the power and clarity these can bring. Face forward and let yourself be shaped by the new instead of limited by the old.

A ritual for the end of the year.

I know that right now most of us are focused on the holidays and your calendar is probably filled with things to do but this is a great way to end the year and make sure to celebrate what happened. You could save this email and make a note in your calendar to come back and do this before the end of the year if the first weeks of December are too filled up.

Write out a list of the last 12 months. For each month take a moment to look back and see what things happened that month that you are grateful for. Jot down both major and minor things that pop up. Use your calendar if all the months blur together in your mind. It could be unexpected windfalls, things you invested in, travels, relationships, job or education achievements, meeting new people or catching up with old friends. Maybe you witnessed someone else's happy moment or achievement and it unlocked something for you. For each month write down as much or as little as you want. At the end of your list mark the favorite physical thing, experience/event and habit that this year held.

Mine looks something like this:

January: Started the year by signing up for Amanda Gibby Peters' live version of the ‘Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant’ course and loved every single lesson within it. Got a new comfortable and pretty couch and started Feng Shui-ng my home.

February: The biggest income month this year, so many lovely people showed up on my calendar which was extra sweet when the tax bill for 2021 had to be paid.

March: Decided to only wear colors and fabrics that feel like a definite yes, and went through all my shoes, clothes and makeup. This led to a whole new colorful and happy wardrobe. Found a new favorite scent in Maison Martine's Bain de Midi (if you want to smell like a tropical vacation this is the scent)

April: Had so many interesting admission calls for The Numerology School. Was reminded why it’s important to teach and share about Numerology in a way that is always evolving and in tune with the students that show up.

May: Fired a Google ads specialist and got clearer on my boundaries and communication. Graduation Day for the second class of The Numerology School students! #ProudTeacher.

June: Did an in-person reunion with my LA mastermind friends. First in-person catch-up since the pandemic moved us online and it was so fun!

July: Tried out Function of Beauty and I’m never going back, my hair is so much happier. Invested in a new coffee table I’ve always wanted with enough space for piles of books and many cups of tea.

August: Went to Vortex fest and was as always blown away by the speakers. Fell in love with Chelsie Diane’s fiery poetess energy. Became an American citizen!

September: Felt like I reawakened so many parts of me. Got some excellent clarity and next-step advice from sessions with Colin Bedell, James Luse, and Annet Kofoed. Said no to some really big income opportunities to focus on my own passions.

October: Decided to really focus on my physical health and well-being for the rest of the year. Started using the Grace app and follow Chelsea Mae to support this. Did a tiny part in my friend's indie movie. Did a VIP day with my favorite spiritual business coach Maria Saraphina. Got my American passport. #doublecitizenship

November: Lovely major press moments around angel numbers. Pitched a new Angel Number book. Went to a new acting class to reconnect to that part of me.

December: A lot of physical decluttering and income from it. Love a good eBay or FB marketplace sale! Fostering a cat we want to adopt.

Favorite physical things I invested in this year: is an air fryer and Babos shoes.

Favorite event or experience: Vortex fest and a surprise swan boat ride on Silver Lake with my love.

Favorite new habits: Switching from coffee to matcha from Organic Burst in the morning. Doing my online catch-up sessions with friends while walking around LA instead of sitting at home.

When you read the above list you might feel the pull to compare your year to mine - maybe you feel like you did a lot more or a lot less. Don't worry about that, before I sat down to make this list I felt like most of my year was uneventful and boring. Once I got going I found more and more things that felt like wins! Going through my calendar and emails I realized that every month held some juicy lessons and experiences. I could for sure make a list of low points as well if I wanted to dwell on that - things, experiences, teachers and courses that I invested in that felt like a letdown. But I would much rather savor the sugar than focus on the sucker punches.

I recommend doing this little ritual as a way to wrap up 2023. You could journal on what the takeaway is from each month’s highlights. If there were some real shake-ups - what did you learn? If there were some big wins - how much did you celebrate and receive them?

Here are the cards for December 2022 from Tosha Silver's The Wild Offering Oracle deck.

Impatience - My life is unfolding in Divine timing. All delays are beneficial. I'm always at the right place at the right time.

Trust - When love is invited to take over, right actions arise at the right time. Allow me dear Divine to wait patiently until the timing is right. Let me rest in the unknown until a clear path is shown!

Being enough - The innermost heart says, "You are enough. Nowhere to go, nothing to get, nothing to change. No need to grow more deserving. You, yes You, are Love."

100% Love & Happy Holidays


PS: My calendar has a few openings left for 2022 and you can also gift sessions or signed copies of my book if you got some numerology-curious people you want to share with.

PPS: There are some affiliate links in this post, which means that I might make a commission from you clicking through, without any cost to you. I only endorse things and people I'm excited about and have first-hand experience with.


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