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The Numerology Forecast - 2023

Welcome to a brand new year and a new global energy to explore! While I try to make these forecasts as relevant and time specific as possible, sometimes it helps to read them as one continuous thread. Like chapters in a book, not self-contained stories within themselves. If you want to make sense of the year and month ahead, reading the last 1-3 forecasts will give you more layers of insight into the energy.

I know some of you reading these forecasts really love listening to them too and I've been a bit quiet on my own podcast where they usually go. Recently, I was a guest on the Journey Home to Self podcast where I shared about the energy of 2023. If you want to listen to it find the link on the free resource page.

The transition from last year to this new year does not happen only in the brief moments around midnight on December 31st. This change starts in the final months of the year that’s ending and continues all the way into March of the new year. If you feel tangled, tired and slow these days then you might feel the overlap strongly and need to honor the pace that this energy sets for you.

2023 is a 7 year and its themes have to do with the journey from fear to faith. Most of this year will span the spectrum of trust that lives in-between these two polarities. This year will feel different for each of us, depending on our own numbers, numeroscope and names.

The number 7 in Chaldean Numerology is the most spiritual number, holding within itself a promise of connection to all higher levels of consciousness, power and inspiration. It is a light and sensitive number that needs a sense of purpose to be fully happy. But the needed purpose does not depend on logical moves up the ladder of ambition. Its goal is to bring us close to heaven, becoming one with our creative potential, the soul of the world and the art of living a life where we walk with spirit on all sides.

A 7 year tests our faith, there could be dark nights of the soul and challenges ahead of us. An untested faith can flicker and burn out and so this year is here to test and expand your faith in yourself, the world and what wants to be created through you. It could be a year of major changes and awakening if you’ve been sleeping on your calling. It could also show you the missing pieces of your personal puzzle. Maybe you figure out what is missing from your daily routine, what you really need to love your job or make sense of your career. It could also lead to spiritual shifts, a crisis of faith and a tearing down of idols in the mainstream media on a national and international scale.

A 7 year calls to the artists and dreamers inside of us all. The ones who turn horrors and loss into flames of inspiration and hope for bigger and better things. If you’ve felt restricted around creative pursuits, suffered writer's block or just bored with your outputs then this is a great year to clear the cobwebs off your tools, work through The Artist's Way and/or take a hard look at any of your self-soothing or addictive behavior that you might use to drown the ideas that are looking to manifest through you.

There is a theme of protection in 2023 that has not been present in the global energy since 1994. Some of the elections and shifts that happen this year could change the political climate, establish legal precedent and push for recognition of vulnerable religious groups. We could see new progressive legislation and official language around the inclusion and recognition of native lands and expression.

Within the 7 energy, we find both the atheist and the religious zealot. This year you might see deeper into the hearts of the people close to you and be surprised by what you find. There might be fundamental differences to reconcile. You could have taken for granted certain beliefs or outlooks on life and have to work through them or decide if a new boundary needs to be enforced. If you or people close to you are in their twilight years then make sure to have wills and testaments reflect the current state of affairs and if you feel called then make notes for how your final journey should be handled.

Ritual and Prayer. This is a year to lean on the spiritual practices that work for you. To deepen your own connection to a higher power and allow it to expand into more parts of your life. To double down on the ways you show up for magic in the everyday. Devote a weekly movement class or practice to a loved one. Place flowers on your ancestors' graves and on your kitchen table. Leave prayers on post-it notes for yourself and others. Make beauty and sacredness nonnegotiable. Appoint a flat surface in your home to an altar and fill it with symbols of what you believe in. Turn away or limit the time you spend on things that make you feel empty and out of touch with your own spirituality. Clear out the stagnant and old, leave the Facebook groups that no longer fit your life or beliefs. Take a look at your physical life and how it reflects your priorities. This is not a year to deny yourself pleasure or sacrifice your joy. But you could be called to evaluate how you spend your time, energy, money and focus.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

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