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The Numerology Forecast - 2022

2022 is a 6 year in our 9 global year cycle that started in 2017. The transition from 2021 to 2022 made me slow down. I knew from the energies and looking at my own yearly cycles that I would experience a lot of sensitivity, have some boundaries to set and even then I’d still have a few fits of ‘that’s not fair!’ and ‘why me!’ moments. I was forced to really take a break and when I sat down to write the forecast something else came through that seems appropriate for this new 6 year. If you’re looking to manifest and anchor love in your life, this is for you.

But a forecast also came through in the end! Love is the theme for this year, in all its forms, be it old or new, parental, platonic, romantic or spiritual. This is a wonderful, expansive and profound energy that wants nothing more than to open your heart wider than it has ever been before. Which means that it might start out a bit ugly and tough!

We will be looking at love and all the ways it gets bent into something else: self-soothing behavior, addiction, dysfunction, inner child (and teenager) wounds, and co-dependency. Our stories of love define us and those around us. We are shaped by love or the lack of it in deep, profound and sometimes dysfunctional ways.

We can distract ourselves from our longing, shame and stunted emotions. Be unable to articulate and express both the purity of our heart and the ragged scarring of our losses. We can blame others and keep acting from shame, guilt, rage and grief. We can keep playing small, afraid to lose whatever we have by being too much or shining too brightly. We might even have a deep belief that it’s better to be a little broken so that there is something for others to identify or help us with than to heal. We can be stuck in one or both of these beliefs: only perfect people get to be loved, or only by staying broken will I find someone who fits my scars.

These beliefs can extend to how we receive or deal with other things in our lives - money, care, communication, food, home, body and physical wellness, time management, etc. Wherever you feel yourself spread too thin, making do with less, playing down your needs or just numb, are areas that can reveal how you let yourself be loved.

This is a year where relationships are in focus, specifically the heart centered connections like parental and romantic ones. Our parents shaped our insides both by their actions but also through their (lack of) presence, the emotional or physical abandonment and through the crossing of boundaries big and small. Our parents are people with flaws and shortcomings. Even if we have a great relationship with them now, we might still have childhood or teenage wounding that influences our behavior and thoughts.

To heal is to be seen, by yourself and by people who matter to you. Many of us are starving for that unfiltered gaze, we might even feel like if no-one sees us - do we even exist? If everyone has a limited view of us how can we ever be expansive?

There is a theme of baggage this year. We're not starting from scratch. You have accumulated a lot of info and research material simply by living your life. Now you have to be honest about what you’re making it all mean.

Some people had a minor part in our story until they failed us in some way. Then we elevated them and placed them in the row of villains who hurt us and forced us to change. This is a year to examine if the signs of this change were already present but we need the whole cart to tip over before changing course. Are you still looking for mountains to climb? Do you need rejection before checking in on your heart and goals?

There is also a theme around stubbornness, of not wanting to face certain behaviors, of not investing fully and keeping one foot on dry land for fear of drowning in new possibilities. We have to face some blind spots and take off the training wheels. You have to trust that you’re on the right path, that this is the right person (even if it's just the right person for right now) and that you will love yourself - come what may.

Some of this work will be done in intimate settings and has to do with sex, pleasure and sensuality. Other parts of this year will be devoted to creativity, artistic endeavors, beauty, comfort, our families, homes and surroundings.

One of the clearest images I see for the 6 energy is the garden. This year you should tend to the garden of your inner and outer life. Allow yourself to choose the very best to enjoy in both spaces. This is the year to articulate your own love story and rewrite the parts that you have left inside your heart as boulders to stop the boundless flow that is waiting to open you up.

No settling, no working from other people's blueprints or what society tells you you most aspire to in the realm of love. Embrace the fluidity of the areas you want to explore, release the distraction of labels and boxes. There is no tax on fantasies or desires, let yourself flow and be seduced by your own curiosity.

January this year is the pause, like taking a deep breath and savoring the space between inhale and exhale for a moment. Setting the space, connecting the dots, inner actions before outer ones.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Writer

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