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The Numerology Forecast - April 2020

The Numerology Forecast - April 2020 by Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder

How are you treating and looking after yourself in these changing times? 

I’ve been in contemplation mode. I wondered back when I wrote The Numerology Forecast for 2020 if sharing about the lower end of the spectrum of a 4 year like 2020 would be helpful. I still wonder if writing about the darker aspects of a global vibration will be a useful thing to focus on going forward. When I look back at other 4 years like 1930, 1993, and 2011 that also held major challenges and changes for the world I don’t think people would have changed their behavior or thinking had they been told that upheaval was coming our way. Even when a year has change written all over it can be hard to prepare for.

In The Numerology Forecast for March, I talked about learning more about your spiritual crushes. If you have a lot of time on your hands in April I invite you to dive into them still. The lessons and values pulled from the struggles of your favorite historical and mythical heroes and heroines are extremely helpful for navigating this time. Who do you want to emulate? How do you want to help, grow and inspire others? 

One of the areas that April highlights are the clearing of and working with your own karma. Even if everything seems uncertain and plans feel silly to make, it’s still valuable to think about the course your life is taking. What are the actions you take every day and where are they leading you. How do you serve while pursuing your purpose? If you look at the line from where you are right now and its trajectory towards your big-picture-dreams are there consistent actions that you need to change or remove to achieve them? What does the bravest version of your future look like? Who would you have to become to get there?

There is deep introverted energy available to us in April and many of the breakthroughs that will happen later this year will sprout from seeds planted this month. It’s not the time to travel or take too many spur-of-the-moment decisions. On an energetic level, it’s time to tend to your creative roots and that often means creating in silence and solitude. Be mindful of the kind and amount of content you consume. See how your creativity unfolds when it’s nurtured by you alone.

If you are surrounded by family and people consistently this coming month you can observe how the patterns of karma are playing out not just in your own but in the lives of others. What are the repeated words that turn into stories and in turn into beliefs and expectations that surround you? How are you speaking about your own vulnerability, as a gift or a burden?

On a global level, we’re burning through some serious build-up of fear - an emotion that most people try to avoid at all costs. We’ve built a lot of structures around ourselves to keep it at bay and yet the current global situation means that we have to deal with it. Feel it, allow it and move through it. This is not a test of your survival skills but more a chance to see your mind in action. There is no judgment here if you’ve felt the need to stock up on everything. We have a world war in our recent collective memory so the surge of energy that runs through you has probably run through your parents and grandparents too. You’ll make it through this and be stronger for it.

I’ve updated my free resources page for you and wanted to re-share this recorded online class ‘Numerology 101: Unlock your purpose!’ from just before A Little bit of Numerology came out. I was a guest speaker in Alexia Anastasio’s ‘Create Yourself‘ series. 

I love seeing how the world situation is sharpening many of my clients’ focus when it comes to taking action on the life change they want. Nothing like some rebellious global energies to making you step into a bigger vision. A name change can help you with this.

Stay safe and creative in the coming month and let me know if I can support you in any way.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

PS: Have you listened to The Numerology Podcast yet? 


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