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The Numerology Forecast - March 2020

Just like that February slipped away and we’re stepping into the first spring month of the year!

March is Pisces and Aries season and as we’re in the final throes of Mercury’s retrograde tour in the sky you can feel a bit lightheaded and disconnected until March 10th.

view from the beach into the sea and the the curve of an island in the horizon The word MARCH written acroos in capital letters. The Numerology Forecast by Novalee Wilder

A lot of release and upheaval might have affected you in the wake of the new moon at the end of February. You might feel a bit spaced out and irritated by practical things and people that seem fixated on misunderstanding you and your path. Instead of surfing the surface of conversations and relationships, make a point of grounding your energy and work with your body to stay present in the rooms and exchanges you’re in right now.

March is taking the self-love vibration from last month and elevating it to a more spiritual perspective. This month is a great time to dive into your spiritual crushes and the mythical stories that can be used as allegories for your own life.

If you’ve ever felt particularly connected to any deity, faith, saga or higher realm then March invites you to connect deeper with the values, stories, and prominent figures within it.

Explore the films, series, oracle decks, fiction and non-fiction books that focus on your favorite mythical heroes and heroines as now is the time to examine why you’re drawn to these stories and worlds.

Maybe you’re called to explore classics like Women Who Run with the Wolves or Burning Woman to re-ignite the fire within you.

Maybe you need to de-cloak some religious or historical figures and feel called to explore Mary Magdalene Revealed or another spiritual lineage that intrigues you.

If you have yet to map out your base numbers A Little bit of Numerology can help you own the gifts you were born with.

Look to the present-day revolutionaries if you need to be inspired by the people who’re pulling the threads of the ancient into our current reality. If 2019 was a retrospective year for you, make sure that 2020 is about looking forward and following the people who make you excited for what’s coming.

When diving into these stories and allegories it can be helpful to recognize your inner cognitive connections and examining how you feel mirrored by the characters. The higher spiritual perspective this month has to do with falling in love with your life and personality. You’re perfect in every way and the study of your spiritual obsessions will hopefully show that you possess many of the qualities you admire in others.

This month I’m stepping more into my spiritual path and opening the doors of The Numerology School to the curious souls who feel the love of numerology calling them home.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

PS: In the next episode of The Numerology Podcast, I’m going to share how I use Numerology in my business, pricing, titles, products, launch dates and more. If you haven’t subscribed yet head to your favorite podcast platform to make sure you’ll be the first to listen to the new episode!


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