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The Numerology Forecast - September 2021

A bejewled face behind a veil. The Numerology Forecast for September 2021 by Novalee Wilder
The Numerology Forecast - September 2021

September is here as an enforcer of this year's overall energy. The 5 energy of 2021 is intensified and if you’ve been feeling muddled, your communication has been slow and your energy inconsistent, this back to school/work energy is here to clear and ground you.

Virgo season means order, sharpened pencils, consistency and talking it out. If you - like me - need to talk through your challenges to make sense of them, now is the time to invest in space and people who can help you make sense of your world. Be it a new therapist, a reading with a trusted spiritual advisor or even just committing to meeting up with and sorting through the week with a friend regularly.

Virgos tend to the people and places they care for and can overextend themselves for others. Their support can seem invisible as they are masters at anticipating needs and fulfilling them ahead of time. Love is often acted out rather than spoken out loud. To get the most out of this Virgo season - add words to your actions. If you prepare food or cover the cost of a meal for someone, try saying “I want to do this because I love/care about you.” This makes it easier for people to recognize and acknowledge the emotion behind the action and not just text a “thx for dinner” which can be unfulfilling for the giver.

Recognize the actions you take for others and how much of your day is spent taking care of people. Do you feel appreciated for all you do? Why or why not? Do you need to ask for your presence and contribution to be recognized differently? If you don’t know your primary love languages this month would be great for figuring them out and letting your surroundings know how they can love you in the best way.

The most exciting parts of this month’s energy come from the money, connection and exchange themes of this 5 year that are in focus. This is the month to launch big things, remortgage your house at a lower rate, ask for a better deal, use and add to your network and simply look for all the places where you could be the bridge between two parties who need to meet and build together.

There is a real ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ current in the air but don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because someone seems to get ahead because they cozy up to the right people they don’t have anything real to offer.

If you have triggers around being left out of the room where it happens, or having ‘the grass is always greener’ thoughts, ask yourself if this is an old story you’re repeating and if you could invite yourself into the spaces you crave to be in. Sometimes getting close to our aspirations clarifies and transforms them into something new. If the thought of ‘I’m never being included’ is one you struggle with, dig into what that comes from - have you left parts of yourself behind as you’ve been conforming to belong? If you re-integrated and re-loved those parts would you still chase that belonging? What if there are people who lie awake at night thinking that if they could just hang out with you they’d finally belong? What would you tell them?

I pulled one card from Yasmin Boland's Moonology Deck, and two cards from Tosha Silver's Divine Offering Deck, it uses different words throughout for the divine/god/source so adapt them to your own preference if you’d like.

One card from Yasmin Boland's Moonology Deck, two cards from Tosha Silver's Divine Offering Deck.
The card pull for September 2021

Clarity - Let me trust my deepest instincts in all ways, especially when matters are unclear. May my own holy intuition always guide the way.

South Node - Don’t let your past hold you back. There's a chance that age-old programming and conditioning are stopping you from achieving all that you might. Do you feel stuck or obsessed by something? The relationship or situation you're focused on has become suffocating - something needs to be sorted and released.

Direction - Lord, please show me the right action right now. Please bring me a sign and a miracle that gives clear direction. May I hear the promptings of my own body. And if for some reason I’m about to head the wrong way, please STOP me!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

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