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The Numerology Forecast - 2021

Welcome to a new year! This might be the first numerology forecast you’ve ever read or you could be one of my most avid readers, either way, thank you for being here! As this is a yearly forecast I thought we would go into a bit more detail, so grab a hot beverage and settle in for the numerology forecast for 2021.

In a numerology forecast for the world, we’re looking at both the global yearly vibration, which is 5 this year as 2+0+2+1 = 5, the specific lesson in 21 and the monthly themes connected to the signs of the zodiac.

2021 is a 5 year in numerology which means it’s connected to Mercury, the sun signs of Gemini and Virgo and everything that the planet and signs represent will be in focus this year. Every number shows us a spectrum of energy and based on how at home we feel in this spectrum we will have an easier or tougher time navigating it.

Themes this year: money, trade, travel, balance, adjustment, justice, new treaties and negotiations, legal matters and lawsuits resolved in a way that impacts the masses, restructuring of travel, communication and information pathways. The gifts and pitfalls of technology. Originality and blessing your spaces and creations. Mental health, sleep patterns and the nervous system. Speaking truth to power.

Even though 2021 comes with a rush of new energy and a very welcome shift from the rebellious, unpredictable and transformational energy of 2020, the first wave of this new year has to do with exhaustion, surrender, and loss.

A 5 year will always welcome new ideas, be the perfect time to start a business, to change or advance your career and to reach out to new people. Yet we can’t do any of these things without having to kill some of our darlings. If our hands, heads, and hearts are filled with nostalgia, a longing for safety, or we have a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel we will be paralyzed when faced with new input. If your life is filled with expired decisions, dealing with a business or boss that refused to adapt to the new status quo, or if you’re just treading water hoping for someone to come save you it’s time to let that dream die. Adaptability is one of the gifts of the 5 energy and people born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd are born to go with the flow and show us how it’s done.

I know that might not be the most uplifting intro to this new year but trust me, good things are on their way and you making space for them to land in your lap is imperative.

January would be a great month to sort your finances, look at long term investments, pension, and your financial future - if these are areas where you feel challenged, use your network and ask for help! Save money now so future-you can invest in worthwhile experiences and causes.

On a global level both the leaders that have failed to take care of their duties and the ones who have excelled in the past year will experience challenges when it comes to re-opening and re-imagining a world that has changed our physical interactions. Further tantrums and misinformation are to be expected.

After a year like 2020, the feelings of lack, uncertainty, and especially the way we talk about the future can be a bit bleak. If you find yourself or the people around you triggered or reverting to doubt when building and planning new projects make sure that the air is cleared and that everyone gets to voice their concerns. People will feel less of a need to prepare for the worst when their feelings are validated and their perspective included.

June this year will see more focus on mergers, community, and the sharing of resources. Questions that we will be asking ourselves are: How do we do business? What is the cost of progress? How do we travel and keep our footprint light? Am I sensitive to the joys and needs of others?

A 5 year indicates that we can expect a quick return or response on our investments and if you need to negotiate a raise or jump into entrepreneurship you’ll realize repeatedly that having proof of the value you provide makes it easier for others to reward and recommend you to others.

Do not wait for others to offer you opportunities, let them find you already building your dreams.

This year will make you aware of the endless possibilities and shapes a project can take, be adaptable and don’t paint yourself or your ideas into a corner. By having our foundation thoroughly shaken we will have to make sure that everything we build is robust, sustainable, and in line with our values. Money talks and this year you should make sure to invest aggressively in the future you want to see for yourself and others.

With Mercury ruling this year there will be more room for celebration of achievement and success. Depending on your own relationship with praise and recognition you could choose to become more visible and/or join in the celebration of the success of others. This also pertains to the fight for equality, human rights, and acceptance of our different life experiences.

Towards the end of 2021 there will be an emphasis on being accountable for your actions, justice will be served and the people who have decided to ignore their moral compass will meet the consequences of their actions. The adjustment theme is not based on blind faith or conviction, rather on facts and the balance of power. Truth, fairness, and collective healing happen after radical responsibility.

This year is where we will face our unconscious spending of energy, money, and resources and where progress is made from honest work and speaking our truth.

2021 will in many ways be a lighter year than 2020 but the grounded energy that last year had - many of us were quite literally grounded at home or unable to travel by plane - will be replaced by an energy that can make it hard to turn off your brain and rest. Take care of your sleep and relaxation patterns in 2021 as the energy can make it challenging to let go of mind puzzles or anxiety patterns.

Another theme this year is mastery. A 5-year point to the exchange of ideas and knowledge yet values wisdom over authority. If you've been studying and find yourself questioning your teachers or triggered by their authority it might mean that you have it in you to become one yourself.

Mastery of a field often means that we have come so far in our journey that we can now apply the lessons from one field to another. Stepping deeper into the role of a wisdom keeper means that you look beyond the pages of a book or words of a teacher and into the core messages and structures behind them. What are the foundational principles and highest ideals that you strive towards and build upon? What is the message you want to share and how do you want it to be spread?

Whether you’re about to embark on a new path of learning, are nearing the halfway mark of a course or at the pinnacle of your career, this year is the right time to embrace your own mastery in full even if it means failing in some way.

“There are two kinds of failure. The first comes from never trying out your ideas because you are afraid, or because you are waiting for the perfect time. This kind of failure you can never learn from and such timidity will destroy you. The second kind comes from a bold and venturesome spirit. If you fail in this way, the hit that you take to your reputation is greatly outweighed by what you learn. Repeated failure will toughen your spirit and show you with absolute clarity how things must be done.” - Mastery by Robert Greene

The year ends with a focus on the juxtaposition of contracts and gifts. As we examine what will be a memorable year we reflect on the cycle we’re halfway through. The global cycles are 9 years long and at the end of 2021, we will be more than halfway through an important one that started in 2017.

Many new things will be born in 2021, the best ones will be gifts and unique contributions that could only have happened through you. If anything feels like an unfair contract, whether it be in business, relationships, or spiritually, maybe it’s time for you to end and release your lineage from its limitations.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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