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The Numerology Forecast - September 2020

view of the sky through an apple tree, graphic for the numerology foreacst 2020 by novalee ilder
The Numerology Forecast - September 2020

The countdown for the last few months of 2020 is on and this September is tracing some loops back to the energies of April. We are working through layers in our personal and collective stories. Likes waves pushing and pulling us into the sea the energies come back around for you to go deeper with the lessons.

Some years move fast and we can simply release our grip on the current challenge and catch the next one if we’re over the experience. Not this year. The stories are sticky and keep coming back to get refined.

Last month I talked about the tiredness setting in and the tantrums being thrown as a result. September is a breakthrough month in this way. Use the energy constructively - If you’ve been on the verge of making drastic decisions that might influence your life, place in the world (especially physically), and personal patterns then this month’s energies are here to kick the door in.

Like a wrecking ball demolishing a building, there is a wonderful vacuum being created by the changes and decisions made this month. It’s Virgo season and the itch to declutter the old and sharpen your pencils to write a new story is strong.

As large parts of the world are still stuck inside the energy of traveling is not available to most of us. This means that September will have you move and expand in other ways. 

It would be a great time to work on a limiting belief that keeps you from moving forward with any kind of foundational aspects of your life. It could be money related - if you’re in the US and have student loans you could take advantage of the current 0% percent interest to pay off part of the principal balance.

September can be a kind of reckoning and the next month’s energy is very open to continuing the momentum you get going the next four weeks.

Start something to see it grow faster than you thought possible. Whether it be a pile of stuff to give to goodwill and invigorate the energy of your home, going through your finances, committing to checking in with your friends and family more often or quitting a project or relationship that’s been holding you back.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist

PS: If you feel like you haven't heard me talking about The Numerology School, even though it's just about to start, it's because I've been busy creating it!

I just recorded this short video for you, click to watch it:


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