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The Numerology Forecast - May 2021

Apple blossoms with the text The Numerology Forecast, May, Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder
The Numerology Forecast - May 2021

May is here and with it the energy of new beginnings. This month the wheel of fortune is spinning fast - meaning that we can build, rebuild and move through the process of creation and/or destruction fast.

There is a theme of culmination and quick fruition. The energy is encouraging you to move forward. Just take the next step with your projects, don’t overthink them. You can always refine things later but grab the momentum and send that email, cut that cord, visit that space, reach out to that person and ask for what you want.

This does not mean you shouldn’t care where the energy moves or ignore your intuition around how to approach a task. Details are important but so is the energy of starting something up, the two have to balance and work with each other. The beauty and joy of a fresh idea or new friendship is available. If you get shut down by someone, redirect the energy as fast as possible - the energy of closed doors makes new windows pop open. Better be there when the possibilities are trying to get to you!

If you don’t move with the energy you might be sitting with confusion and spinning your wheels indefinitely. If you have a tendency to only think in big moves and disregard all the small steps that lead to the next project or idea then you’ll have to learn a lesson on compound interest. There is potential in even the tiniest of good habits and the benefit of having some solid routines this month will come back to you tenfold.

What is planted in May will be harvested in September so get your seeds in the fertile ground now.

But maybe you’re not in creation mode as much as in destruction, clearing, restructuring and pruning off the dead leaves of your plants, releasing relationships and drawing new boundaries around work and play. Maybe your wheel of creation is weighed down by overthinking and second guessing leading you to stalling any movement.

If you find yourself in a negative spiral then remove the tasks that drain you as much as possible, kill some darlings in the form of projects and ideas. Archive all the emails in your inbox and start fresh. Mass unsubscribe from things that make you start your day feeling less than.

Personally, I've recently done this by seeking out people to learn from around diversity, inclusion and equity that break things down in a language and visual way that works for me - instead of thinking that the only way of learning it ‘the right way’ was through academic courses. My brain told me it had to be hard, I set out to find if it could be easier. A current favorite is Khadija Mbowe and their Youtube videos.

2021’s money theme is underscored this month but it feels like the abundance comes in the form of raising prices to establish better boundaries or asking for a raise to focus solely on your zone of genius. The income potential feels more like a clarification of purpose and passion than necessarily an income jump, yet the potential for those are in the mix too.

The cards I drew this month are from Grandma Baby's Black Gold Lenormand, a 37-card deck celebrating the enduring legacy of Black Americans and their innate connection to spirit. The deck is sold out right now but follow their Instagram to be in line for this magic.

Three cards from Grandma Baby's Black Gold Lenormand deck
Grandma Baby's Black Gold Lenormand Deck

Bear = Strength. Practice detaching your value from how others perceive you. So much of our lives goes unwitnessed everyday, so much magic unseen. This card reminds you that whether or not you have been recognized, you are worthy of recognition. Feel inspired rather than challenged by someone else’s success.

Bouquet = Trust. Rely on your spiritual and intuitive sense, not looking outside for the answers. Follow the red string within yourself.

Garden = Community. Offer your service and help to others. Look for people outside the structures of society, your own family or community. Extend a hand filled with the special skills you have or the abundance you created to be shared with others. Find an unlikely recipient and share your crop.

100% Love

Professional Numerologist & Writer

Novalee Wilder

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