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The Phases of a Name Change - 1

What to expect when changing your name with the help of numerology. The phases of the name change process. Phase three: The Beginning. Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder.

This is the first of six posts on the phases of a name change through numerology.

The transformation that happens when you leave an inharmonious name behind and get a harmonious name that fully supports your essence = birthday can't be boiled down to just a few blog posts. Yet it can be helpful to know the general patterns and waves of what is going to happen and that you're 'on schedule' in your journey.


The first step in a spiritual awakening. Already when you book or even contemplate booking a name change session you're inviting in a different mindset. You might look up names you like, sign up for newsletters from the numerologists you find and fall down the weird hole of free internet readings.

The thoughts in the foreground of your mind are usually variations on the theme “How does this work?” “Can this be real?” etc. You can experience sudden insights when you read about your base number and a budding hope for the future rises.

Themes for the first phase:







Your surroundings might challenge you and the strength of your personal beliefs in this period, even in areas that have nothing to do with numerology. Change will mean that you have let go of certain circumstances, relationships, and ideas of self. As soon as you’ve had a name change session, the second phase begins.

My advice as a professional numerologist in this phase: You’ve woken up to the fact that the life you're living does not feel right. Changes will have to be made. This awakening can be painful. Some people stay in the first phase because they listen to fear. Tap into your intuition. Go towards what feels good. Listen to people that lift you up and expand your horizons.

Want to learn more about how your birthday and name are interacting and shaping your life? The Appetizer Session is where you get my eyes on your unique essence and life experience.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author


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