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What are Angel Numbers and what to do when you see them?

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are a specific group of repeating numbers that show up so often and in so many places that you have to slow down and pay attention. The numbers and sequences follow you around in a way that is undeniable.

We call them angel numbers because they signify that you’re being helped or guided from on high and to follow the impulses and path you’re on. While some angel numbers are linked to named angels most of them are simply tied to a specific state or energy that's available to you in that moment.

In numerology repeating numbers are seen as an amplification of energy, the more a number shows up around a person the stronger the vibration behind it is influencing that person's life. Seeing a number tripled like in 111 or 333 means that the full potential of that energy is present. The saying that ‘all good things come in three’ and others like it come from our ancestor's observations of the repeating numbers.

Where do angel numbers show up?

While angel numbers can show up on license plates, houses phone numbers, bank accounts, prices, time stamped receipts, lotto numbers, clocks, etc. they can also manifest as seeing the same animal or object in a repeating numeric pattern. They could also be part of your birth date, favorite or lucky numbers.

Are angel numbers specific or general?

While there are general meanings behind number sequences there is often a meaning that is unique to you. I often recommend that people start meditation or doing any activity that gets them into a calm and quiet headspace to see if there are deeper messages behind the numbers. Our intuitive gifts aren’t a one-way street where all we can do is to interpret the symbols we’re given. You can meditate on a question or challenge, ask for specific signs and engage with your intuition in whatever way feels right to you.

What does seeing Angel numbers mean?

Seeing both repeating numbers and angel numbers are often part of a spiritual awakening, a period of time where our intuitive gifts start showing up or intensify in some way.

Getting messages from the spiritual realm is not reserved for psychics, we all have a spiritual team that is supporting and helping us in any way it can. Using numbers as a way to catch our attention is one of the ways they work.

One of the most common ways that people get introduced to angel numbers is noticing the time at 11:11 or 22:22. If numbers seem to be catching your attention or increase in frequency it’s time to pay attention.

What does specific Angel numbers or sequences mean?

1’s speak about beginnings, creation and a focus on yourself, repeating 1’s are a reminder to pay attention to what is starting to happen, the nudges you get to explore something new and to keep going with what you want to create. 111 and seeing repeating 1’s are an indicator that you’re ready to respond and engage with the world. No need to wait - go share, teach and pass on your knowledge. Trust your intuition.

2’s speak to relationships and heart connections, about giving and receiving in equal measure. Seeing lots of 2’s tell you to have fun and let go, don’t overthink your next steps, look for an invitation instead.

3’s speak to work, ambition, and luck, they tell you to own your goals and expertise, to step through the door from student to master. If you believed you had luck on your side and could not fail, what would you do?

4’s speak of change and transformation, that you can reach new or different levels of life, but also that you might need to move or change something drastically, repeating 4’s point to foundational work in your life, to structures that need reinforcement. 444 and seeing repeating 4’s are a sign that you signed up for this particular challenge, you have what it takes and will make it through. Focus on your support systems, build a foundation and trust the ride.

5’s speak or flow and energy, that inspiration is coming through other people and your connection with them, however fleeting. 5 is connected to exchange, finances, messages coming from far away, international or local travel. Seeing 5's can feel like angels are speaking through conversations around you, music or the numbers on a bill.

6’s speak about love on the deepest level, this could be the angels pointing you to family or close relationships, that your ancestors are in the wings waiting to help or that you need extra protection and guidance in the near future. 6’s can show up when loved ones pass over.

7’s speak and point to messages from our higher self or soul. It’s one of the most spiritual numbers and it reminds us that everything is possible through our belief and faith. When 7’s show up the veil is thin and you should make time to daydream, meditate, doodle and just spend as much time being open as possible. 7 is known as the ‘phone number to heaven’ so when 7’s show up you need to be ready to answer the call.

8’s speak of predestined things, or karmic lessons and authenticity. Seeing lots of 8 means it is time to be bold and strike. There is nowhere to hide if lots of 8’s show up so you might as well own your choices and speak your mind. It’s a time to break patterns and it might even be that the choices you make will free or change things for all the people connected to you and through the generations before you. 888 and seeing repeating 8’s points to a lesson of balance and responsibility. We’re either in almost perfect balance or not able to let go of the responsibilities that aren’t ours to deal with. Take inventory of where you step up when you should be stepping aside.

9’s speak about completion. The end of the line. 9’s make you look at boundaries, anger, temptation and material things. 9’s signifies endings and sometimes that means being woken up to some harsh truth or injustice. Seeing a lot of 9 means that you’re ready to detach from something, could be a physical reality, a past belief or a way you’re kept yourself small.

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