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The Numerology Forecast - May 2019

Apple branches with flower buds on them against a blue sky. The Numerology Forecast for May 2019 by Novalee Wilder

Say hello to May! This month is lovely not just because it brings us into the full bloom of spring and clears the way for summer but because this May sounds the bells of abundance!

We have a big fat money theme this month and a genuine possibility to rewrite old money stories, invite in more flow in all areas of our life and anchor the feeling of being rich into our very foundation.

Money and all the good it brings with it are often vilified. Some consider caring about and focusing on money bad taste and many people don’t even discuss money with their partner or close circle. Fretting about where our paycheck goes but not celebrating the joy of it arriving is normal. Yet neglecting an area of our lives that has such a significant impact while also wanting it to grow and flourish is counter-intuitive.

This month it's time to have the money conversations – first with yourself and then with anyone or anything you’d like to improve the financial flow with.

A great 2-part exercise is to sit down and write a list of all the ways money helps you.

Imagine money as a helpful force field or person standing in front of you, ready to listen to all you say.

What does money make possible in your life?

When are you most grateful for it showing up?

Where does it make your life easier?

Has it ever surprised you by showing up just in the nick of time?

Close your eyes and give thanks for each area or item on your list. Send your gratitude to the force that has helped you with everything on that list.

Now make a list of all the areas or items you need money to help you out with. It could be big-ticket items, small luxuries, day-to-day expenses, a vacation, giving to charity, paying off debt, moving, investing in yourself, your self-care, your business, your family, etc.

Close your eyes and reconnect with the thankful feeling from before. Imagine you’re showing the list of what you need to the helpful force. Money is getting excited about all the tasks on the list and is sending you a clear message:

“Yes let’s do this! I’d love to help you create and bring these things into your life! Are you up for the abundance coming your way and these things manifesting in any way they can?”

You’re saying YES and opening up the conversation with money on a whole new level.

This exercise can be done again and again. Every time you do it, you’ll find more things to be thankful for, and money will be even more ready to jump to the challenges you offer up.

Be aware that while you might not have been walking around talking about your money challenges and fears - you’ve been spending your money in line with your thoughts and beliefs surrounding money. Probably ideas you have inherited or picked up early in life. Many of those are outdated or not even applicable to the life you’re living now.

What we do not face grows, not just in mythological proportions but also in icky, sticky energy habits. Spending mindlessly or shying away from big meaningful investments in favor of slowly depleting yourself with small momentary treats is self-sabotage. On the other hand choosing to deprive yourself and not positioning yourself, as the most important person in your life is equally harmful.

Deeply ingrained patterns might come up for evaluation this month. Keep your eye and heart open to all influxes of abundance and how they make you feel. Breaking feast and famine cycles is possible with conscious effort.

Now your names and numeroscope can influence and shape your money stories and capacity for abundance in a myriad of ways. A name change can open the door for flow on all levels. Investing in The Name Change Session is right in line with the transformational energy of May.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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