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The Numerology Forecast - June 2019

A little beetle is perched on a pink flower. The word JUNE is written i capital letters across the picture. The Numerology Forecast for June 2019

How is 2019 treating you so far? I feel like this year is amping up the growth opportunities but I could be a bit biased from having just moved from NYC to LA, de-cluttered a whole apartment and all the random stuff that comes with creating a home! This year is seriously making me re-evaluate my priorities. Trying to get rid of all my stuff without creating waste and making sure that everything I’m letting go off does not just end up in a landfill has been a challenge. #zerowasteforthewin

2019 has an overall theme about personal responsibility that will show up differently for all of us. I can personally tell that the time my brain spends taking care of mundane tasks and the limits it puts on my creative energy is not in line with how I want my life to look and feel. I want to take responsibility for the direction my life is headed, and the global vibration of June is here to make that happen, right on cue!

June’s vibration is meeting you right where you are when it comes to expanding your personal power. From May’s money-mindset and abundance-reset, we now move on to a month that wants nothing more than stop you from wasting your time and energy on outdated power plays and victim mentality.

This month would like you to put an end to anything that has run its natural course and is ready to be released. It could be the end of a relationship, be it romantic or otherwise, or it could have to do with your career, as you might be in a position where the only way up is out of the job or title you currently hold. It could also have to do with your home or any investments where you need to cut your losses and regroup before looking for new exciting opportunities.

All the endings that June is ushering in for you to deal with have one singular purpose: To pour the power back into you and fill up your energetic container before the next big step in your life. Your true power lives inside of you and never in anything external. Everything you leave behind this month will create space for new and better ventures.

While this month’s vibration is strong and can show up as things being removed from your path, the most significant shifts you’ll see will be on the inside. Nothing creates clarity, like the space left behind by releasing something big. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the room left behind by any of the endings coming your way. The universe abhors a vacuum, so make sure you celebrate the very fact that you now have the opportunity to call in something new and be aware of not replacing the outdated patterns with more of the same.

June would be a perfect month for a name change as there are powerful energies at play when it comes to recognizing where you are playing it way too safe. If you are ready to release the patterns and limitation of your old name, The Name Change Session is here to help you.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist

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