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The Numerology Forecast - July 2019

Okay, so I might be biased since it’s my birthday month but this is seriously my favorite time of year. The summer heat warming you all the way through and the sudden need to make cold watermelon slices dripped with lime juice into a whole meal, speaks directly to my inner child’s dreams of endless summer vacation days!

July has some big things in store for us and with Mercury heading into retrograde territory on July 7th, there are lots of reasons to keep calm and carry on sipping ice tea in the sun.

After last month’s global themes about endings and letting go of excuses, July brings us a new delicious flow of energy. This month has a decidedly lighter touch and is offering us moments of serendipitous joy.

July’s overall theme has to do with fast manifestation and immediate feedback on your actions. Fresh ideas and new endeavors are surfacing after we have cleared the slate. But what happens when this energy clashes with Mercury’s moody retrograde move?

By being pulled backward after saying goodbye to old notions, ideas, thoughts and relationships we’re at a new vantage point. We can now see just how the big forces that are in play in our lives have moved us forward even when it felt like all the doors we’ve been knocking on didn’t open. Beyond the present moment, July is unveiling a larger plan.

This month will give you glimpses of a future that is not as far off as you might think. It’s time to pay attention and jot down all the Déjà Vu moments, little nudges and immersive daydreams that keep showing up. You are speaking, dreaming and calling in the next steps in your life all the time and July is here to make you aware of the snippets of clues that you’ve already collected. Aligned action is easy to take when you trust your own map.

You’ll receive a separate email on my tips to make it through Mercury’s retrograde travels safe and sound but here’s an extra tip in line with the energy of July’s global vibration: Claim your joy! When Mercury starts the reruns of ‘People and Places from the Past’ – zoom in on the joy! Go over your happy memories, past accomplishments, favorite gifts, and experiences and see them as a positive omen of what’s to come.

A question I often get asked is if a name change is a good idea when Mercury is heading backward in the sky. The answer is in line with the general approach to starting new things during any retrograde period: If it’s a new idea that suddenly pops in then wait to schedule your session until Mercury goes direct on August 1st. If it’s a dream that has been in the works for a bit then keep moving forward with it.

I’ll go devour some lime soaked watermelon now and enjoy life on our new balcony. Los Angeles is a serious upgrade on the summer weather front and I’m here for it!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author


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