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The Numerology Forecast - February 2019

February is about to drop and with this new month, we take one step further into 2019 and the vibration of this New Year. The global monthly energy is right in line with the big themes of this year and is adding fuel to the fire of the new waves we’re surfing.

The biggest theme this month is flow and the feeling of being in an equal exchange with everything that surrounds you. That means that the places and relationships that are out of alignment because you’re either too invested or keeping yourself back from engaging fully with, will get the spotlight. To play ball with the universal energy is like having an engaging conversation with a good friend. You’re both interested in what the other one has to offer, respectful of boundaries and opinions and all-in on the things that inspire further conversation, fun, and engagement.

This is a great image of how this month’s energy wants you to engage with and be an active part of the energy that surrounds you. The more you invest while respecting your own energy, the more useful the return you receive will be.

This year has responsibility written all over it and that ties into this month’s theme in the form of communication. Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself and the world around you. Are you constantly expressing that things can’t get better or that there is some sort of limit to the amount of flow you can experience in any part of your life? Are there areas that have to be quiet and still for other areas to flourish and take up space? Do you tell the people around you that this is just how it has to be? Do you spend most of your time with people that support these limiting beliefs that you’ve been spreading? Then now is the time to break the pattern and stop reiterating stories that are mostly self-sabotage and lack of trust in the potential and energy you’re embodying right now.

You have to follow all your impulses to see where they lead you and what it would be interesting to dive into, act on or sit with for a bit this month.

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Look at the areas that you’ve left and stopped the conversation with the energy and potential that were available. Have you closed doors and left rooms because you didn’t feel ready for the conversation, responsibility or sense of play that could occur? Even if an impulse or connection is brief it can create far-reaching positive or negative waves in our energy field. It’s important to be aware that you’re the one in charge of what you want more or less of in your life. What kind of conversation and exchanges you want to spend your time and energy on. February wants to help you create more connection, flow, and freedom – the ball is in your court.

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100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist

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