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Seeing repeating numbers? Here's why!

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One of the questions I get asked all the time has to do with seeing repeating numbers. So many people have this question and here is my answer. It could be that you see sequences like 111, 222, 369 and so on, or it could be your birthday or some lucky or auspicious number that you feel connected to. It might show up in dates, on the plates of passing cars or in prices and when the clock strikes 22:22. It’s a widespread phenomenon, and most people get excited when their number keeps popping up as it feels like a confirmation of synchronization with a higher power or a state of flow. I get it, but I’m actually here to burst your bubble a bit.

Repetitive numbers, also known as Angel Numbers are one of the most basic ways that your personal guides, ancestors, angels and passed-on helpers are trying to get your attention.

We all have, at any given time in our life, a team of guardian angels and passed loved ones, standing by to help us. Most of them do not have a firm physical grasp on the world of the living, but they are always trying to support and show up for you in any way they can.

A repeated number showing up is akin to someone honking from a car in a parking lot that you’re walking through. You can keep walking and just take the honking as a sign of being on track. Or you could go find that car, get in it and have a conversation with your guides that are deeper and more profound than a sequence of repetitive numbers. Who knows they might take you on a ride more fulfilling and exciting than the one you’re on right now!

My advice for anyone seeing repeating numbers is to slow down and make a conscious effort to connect, open up to the spiritual world and actively engage with the power that’s on your side. Any meditative action, divination tool or way you feel called to do this is the right way for you.

The mental image of a bunch of unemployed angels just standing around and throwing repeating numbers at their charge to get their attention is both sad and hilarious. Please, give your spirit team a call!

Now, for some people, the numbers are a specific message that can be decoded by a numerologist. I’ve had a few clients who were seeing numbers that also showed up in their numeroscope and name vibrations. Or even numbers mirrored in a new numeroscope and new name vibrations that were the best match for the change they were seeking. This, of course, means that their angels wanted help with releasing old patterns and paths for the soul they were here to help. Our guides are a lot more literal and specific than we think if we take the time to listen to the whole message they are trying to deliver.

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100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professioanl Numerologist + AuthorProfessional


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