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Marking a life change by changing your name?

Can a name change help you on the journey of self-discovery? My answer is yes as many of the changes we make in our lives allow us to experience and free different sides of our personality and intuition. A name change can free you from old ideas, energetic bonds and more.

Everyone grows and expands all the time. Over the years you change your style and your hair. You move to a different city or country. You try out a new career and get dumped by the love of your life. You take a political standpoint and expand your religious beliefs. You commit to a healthy lifestyle and lots of wine. You discover a new sexual preference and find the second love of your life. You get a tattoo and develop a self-love practice. Nothing and no one stays the same throughout their life. Everything evolves. Except we never change our names.

Woman laying in a field of grass, gazing up at the sky on a sunny day. Novalee Wilder.

For most people, our name is the one thing that follows us through absolutely everything. We don’t even look at it as something to change. Women might take their husband's last name when getting married, though some just keep what they were born with; a name picked out by someone else.

Even if you hate your name and ask people to call you something else, very few people actually legally change their name. Why is this?

When people tell me “I could never change my name” or “my name is my identity” it makes me curious. Why are we so attached to our names? What is in a name really? Why does it feel, to many, like a sacrilegious thing to even think about changing their name?

For many of the people I talk to, it seems to boil down to this: “Someone will get pissed off or hurt or just express negativity if I change my name!” This ‘someone’ can be a long list: parents, friends, kids, ex-boyfriends, husbands, coworkers, therapists, and Facebook followers are the high scores.

Question: Whose life are you living? Whose happiness are you working for? Whose opinions are you listening to instead of your own intuition?

While it is definitely not for everyone to change his or her name, I think this specific response is so, so interesting. I look at names and see paths and patterns. As a professional numerologist, I know that your name literally filters how you experience life and your relationships. So if you feel done with the particular curriculum on the path you are on, changing your name is way more effective than any other change you could come up with.

If you are drawn to something, and it makes your heart flutter to think about it, you NEED to explore that! If it pisses other people off, then that tells you something about where they are on their path.

When you decide to step up your game in all aspects of your life, awesome things happen. Upping the amp on your light makes everyone around you shine too. It means that you get easier to see and easier get to for the helpers on your path.

What is left when you change everything? You. Having a name that supports your essence means that you get to come home. You get to explore and figure out from within how you want your life to feel. I see my name change via numerology as the single most transformative thing I’ve done. I wish for everyone that they will seek and find ways to elevate themselves to where they want to be the most. I believe that growth and expansion are part of any fulfilling life.

If a name change is calling you check out how to work with me here.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author


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