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What I wish I'd known before changing my name

A heads up – if you get fed up fast when people gush about their amazing life then this blog post isn’t going to be your cup of tea.

Do you know what I wish I’d known before changing my name?

1. How effing epic it is on the other side!

2. How much love my heart can hold now that it’s not weighed down by anger, comparison syndrome, and self-hate.

3. What it feels like to experience life without constant challenge, failure, and drama. It’s like going from an Ibsen play to a happy ending blockbuster. While there might be a lot of finesse and twisted artistic honor in suffering I seriously love walking up in a feel-good movie instead of the tired old drama I’ve been living. Ibsen is one of my favorite playwrights though, no hate on the old master of realism!

I think many Numerologists – myself included – struggle with how to accurately convey what happens after a name change. And why it is such a life-altering experience to go from an inharmonious name set up to a harmonious and super supportive name set up.

I recently heard a colleague say that she is adamant about making it crystal clear that if people aren’t up for the spiritual journey that a name change also entails then they shouldn’t book a session with her. When we state that a name change will affect ALL areas of your life – we truly mean it.

If I'd had just an inkling of how different life is when the humming in the background of my life is a constant ‘I love myself’ instead of a quiet ‘You’re not lovable’. I’d have reached out to the first Numerologist I heard about. I went through a bunch of skeptic research and I definitely wasn't attracted to the highest vibes out there in the beginning. Anger makes you a skeptic and I had to do a leap of faith to even consider that something as intangible as Numerology could hold the tools I needed to step back home in myself.

i love myself.

the quietest. simplest. most powerful. revolution. ever.

- Nayyirah Waheed

Now I understand beyond the math I do what it means to have ‘clear centers’ and I appreciate the beauty of a symmetrical numeroscope beyond just what I happily present to a client. There’s a good reason behind only trusting a helper or healer who has walked the path before you because only by having experienced the jump do we become capable of lifting others.

So much of the journey into my essence has had to do with shedding old patterns and watching the chains of karmic bonds get released. The idea of a name change often happens when we realize that we’ve completed a part of the karmic path that we signed up for. If you feel like you’re simply done with a repeating pattern of misery then Numerology might be the breaker of chains you need.

I’ve had a few beautiful people give me their feedback via testimonials. Each time I put one on my site I send out the wish that these words will reach someone who needs this nudge to gather their heart in their hands and take the leap by booking a session too.

”I feel freer. My core values are aligned with a name change because I believe that we are infinitely creative and flexible beings and changing my name honors that. I love my new name. It’s empowering to choose your own name.”
- Helen Waters, Actress, Director & Writer, NYC

"A new thought has shown up: I do not want to fight. I am less afraid of being an outcast. The theme you described of belonging is absolutely fundamental. I know, because I feel that from the start of my life I had to give up on me - to be with others. It’s a relief to get confirmation. And maybe the biggest driving force in relation to my name change – I am myself – not dependent on what other people think of me."
- Mettemarrie Lassen, Hoersholm, Denmark

Are you ready for your own leap with a new name and an upgrade of your vibration in the world? Find out how to work with me.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

PS: Do you want to read more testimonials from name change clients? Find them at the bottom of this page.


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