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The reasons behind my own name changes

I hope you’ll find it interesting to get a peek behind the scenes like this! For the record I've changed my name twice in my life so far.

I feel like I need to preface this by saying that it’s not a normal thing to do for anyone who changes his or her name – to change it again later. But we numerologists do have a tendency to play around and try on more than one harmonious numeroscope in our lifetime.

I’ve had requests to write about my name change(s) in more detail because for many it still is such a novel thing to do. I also share more of my experiences in the exclusive video series that is part of the 12-month bonus that all my new name change sessions come with. It’s so helpful to get perspective and support from someone who has been through the Release more than once while you’re going through it too.

I feel like going more public with the process behind my name changes because as one of the people who inspire me recently wrote:

“One of the most dangerous assumptions we can make about our identity is that it’s set in stone.” - Erin Telford, Breathworker.

Through my previous name change, I’ve learned that much of who we think we are is in fact just the filters of our name coloring our life. I had my name change session with a newly trained numerologist at the end of 2014. As I heard her decipher and explain the ways that my old name had tripped me up and how a new numeroscope would help me, something inside of me clicked. I jumped with both feet into the unknown because I was certain that something better was possible. No parts of my old name were something I could keep. It was a clean slate and a whole new name.

The dream for many of my clients is to go to a numerologist and find out that all they need to do is add a middle name and all will be smooth sailing from here on out. Sometimes that is how the path shows itself. Sometimes the best match is to let it all go. Clearing out a whole life line = a whole name, is an uprooting beyond anything else and it’s not for everyone. Changing your path on this deep level is something that is not done on a whim by the ego; I believe that our soul will nudge us when it’s sure we’re ready for the jump.

Love was the first thing that changed for me. I think the reserves of love that my second base number (6*) had built up over time were so ready to break through the barricades, that the moment my names were no longer keeping it in check they flooded through my life. I’ve never experienced anything like the connection that happened between me and my now husband. I knew I wanted to marry him within the first month of us dating. This coming from a woman who didn’t believe in marriage at all. I saw myself acting in total opposition to my normal and deeply rooted dysfunctional patterns. It was freaking mind-blowing and I'd say that this change alone have been worth the leap of faith I took.

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Some of the other changes didn’t register with me at first. I’d lost 20 pounds when I returned to Denmark after my first two years in the US. I hadn’t really noticed but of course being able to love yourself also makes it easier to feed yourself better. Only when people started commenting on my weight did I realize that my clothes were not getting bigger - I'd just gotten smaller. Weight loss is not always the outcome of happiness or self-love, but for me the need to eat my feelings subsided and left me more connected to what my body needed.

Self-love is an interesting key to open doors with because it will not unlock opportunities that are no longer in alignment with taking care of yourself. I’ve seen myself grow softer and less angry during the last couple of years and it has made me more aware of what and with whom I want to spend my time, focus and energy. Self-love points gently but firmly at the areas we need to nurture and shines a light on the places that are parched by trauma. De-cluttering my inner and outer world has made it possible for me to move forward faster when I get derailed and to accept exactly where I am today.

But why did I then change my name again? Back when I went through the training to become a numerologist at The Institute for Numerology (DK) I didn’t really want to dive deep into all the possible numeroscopes for my own base number. I knew that there might be something else that would match my essence and dreams but I didn't want to move too fast. Something in me was hesitant to fall in love with another numeroscope, as I knew that I still had much to integrate from the one that had picked me in 2014. Then in September 2017, a new name kept popping into my head and showing up around me. When I looked into the name vibration behind it, it was clear that it was time to dig into the choices I had been ignoring.

I sat down and started calculating, comparing and feeling it out, thinking that if this new name wanted my attention then it was time to look into the possibilities. Quickly I could tell that this was something I had to do. Yet I sat on it. Put it away. Came back and redid all the calculations. I finally got around to filing the petition for my new name in Queens Civil Court on December 1st 2017. It got approved in March. All the courts in the US are different so please don’t think that it will always take this long to get an official legal name change approved. And if you’re Danish – I filed my online petition for the same name in Denmark and it took 48 hours to go through.

This new name change made new things possible and called in new transformation on multiple levels. It's a different journey to move from one harmonious numeroscope to another. It’s always an interesting experience to go through the Release and as I created the video support for my amazing clients I got to dive deeper into the mechanisms of it. All the things that helped and challenged me are now part of the support I offer my clients.

From the new name change a dedicated Danish site emerged. New email provider, social media links and so on. It turned out to be fresh and beautiful.

I’ve said goodbye to another set of name vibrations and thanked that numeroscope for all the love it opened up for me, and the changes it made possible. I’m still celebrating the initiation of Novalee Wilder and the new energies it already calling into my orbit (hello book deal!) and love that get to share them with you.

100 % Love


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