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The Phases of a Name Change - 4

What to expect when changing your name with the help of Numerology. The phases of the name change process. phase four: The Adjustment.

This is the fourth of six posts on the phases of a name change through numerology.

The transformation that happens when you leave an inharmonious name behind and get a harmonious name that fully supports your essence = birthday can't be boiled down to just a few blog posts. Yet it can be helpful to know the general patterns and waves of what is going to happen and that you're 'on schedule' in your journey.


8-12 months after the legal names change the fourth phase begins. The Release is still in play but the integration of the supporting vibrations is gradually taking center stage. The themes of the third phase will still be in the background until the fifth phase begins.

This phase has the potential to create major life changes. A period where focus and work on life lessons and goals are to be expected.

You can have short term or lasting experiences with:

- Decreased or heightened passion.

- Adjustment in intimate boundaries.

- Amplified sensitivity, mood swings.

- Lack of grounding, the new connection to your spiritual side can make you feel lighter and slightly disconnected.

- Sudden changes in career or job. The world around you will change as a mirror to the inner changes.

- Reassignment or release of family relations. Karmic bonds will shift as you shift. New connections and understandings can form.

- Sensitivity to global and daily vibrations.

- Physical pain, discomfort, and injuries can disappear or flow to the surface to be released.

TIP: If you get scared or confused by how the Release is playing out, you can always go back and listen to our recorded session and pay attention to the name vibrations and life theme you are releasing.

My advice as a professional numerologist in this phase: Every Release is a uniquely personal journey. All essences and numeroscopes are one of a kind. The themes and gifts will be specific to you. Be patient and kind to yourself. The unraveling of old thoughts, pain, and ideas takes time. Take time to experience the “new you” that is forming. As you come more into contact with your own essence, more love and self-care are often needed. The life lessons, life goals and soul signature vibrations in your essence can make ‘noise’ since they can now unfold and get to work in your life more intensely.

Lay down your shields and weapons and give yourself a hug and a high five every time you expand.

Want to learn more about how your birthday and name are interacting and shaping your life? The Appetizer Session is where you get my eyes on your unique essence and life experience.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author


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