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The Phases of a Name Change - 2

What to expect when changing your name with the help of numerology. The phases of the name change process. Phase three: insights & Breakthroughs. Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder.

This is the second of six posts on the phases of a name change through numerology.

The transformation that happens when you leave an inharmonious name behind and get a harmonious name that fully supports your essence = birthday can't be boiled down to just a few blog posts. Yet it can be helpful to know the general patterns and waves of what is going to happen and that you're 'on schedule' in your journey.


The understanding and opening that accompanies a numerological session is the first step to accepting a new truth and stepping onto an emerging path. Energetically this opening is paving the way for expansion on both conscious and unconscious levels. To accept the new level of understanding, willingness and receptiveness are needed. Some people never move into the second phase. Consciously closing down and deciding to remain on the path you're on can trigger negative self-talk and dissociation from intuitive guidance. If you have questions after your session, please reach out to me.

The uncovering of how your name vibrations have impacted your life circumstances and experiences can be overwhelming. Your worldview and understanding of the interconnectedness of the world will expand. Experiencing a mix between having butterflies in your stomach and the wind knocked out of you is normal. Transformation is both empowering and humbling to go through.

Themes for the second phase:



Awakened spiritual curiosity






Renewed faith in the future


Family responses can be tricky and triggering. Protect your newfound knowledge; share it only with people who make your gut and heart feel safe.

Make sure that the process of finding and changing your name is wholeheartedly yours. Do not listen to anyone but your self. This transformation is important - own it.

My advice as a professional numerologist in this phase: Let your mind be blown. Let the insights in. Write down dreams and daydreams in this period. Pay attention to your guides and intuition. Watch how the world is now removing and introducing new concepts, ideas, and players on your path. People might react or comment on you more aggressively since you are moving away from something they are comfortable with. Even if they don't know about your desire to change your name. They're reacting to their own fear of the unknown.

As soon as you have legally changed your name, the third phase begins.

If you feel the need to find or keep certain names to make other people happy, examine your reasons and thoughts. Your new name needs to spark joy and feel authentic to you.

Want to learn more about how your birthday and name are interacting and shaping your life? The Appetizer Session is where you get my eyes on your unique essence and life experience.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author


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