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The Numerology Forecast - September 2023

We are entering the month of the year when the global yearly energy is amplified. Rereading the global yearly forecast would add to your understanding of September’s energy. This month our lessons are turning into wisdom, scars into character and the grief has to be felt for us to expand. The 7 year's journey from fear to faith is in full effect.

We're feeling the grief after loss, much-needed changes, and the aftershocks of relationships and identities ending.

The overall theme of September has to do with grief, loss and old wounds. I know this sounds heavy and hard but the theme is anchored by peace, support and expansion. If you have already worked through grief and loss in recent months then the peace and expansion will be your experience and guide the next couple of weeks. Since Mercury is retrograde until the 15th some of the things coming up could be tied to the past and us working through old knots and memories.

There is a theme here about letting yourself be with what is. This means allowing the feelings and thoughts that come up and bear witness to your own or other people’s grief without the need to fix, change or redirect the attention.

Grief and regrets can show up even when we finally start getting traction on our dreams or pursue a new goal. Thoughts like ‘Why didn’t I realize this sooner, why did I let it get this bad before changing, If only I was younger, if only things had been different.“ etc. can pop up.

From the yearly forecast for 2023: “Within the 7 energy, we find both the atheist and the religious zealot. This year you might see deeper into the hearts of the people close to you and be surprised by what you find. There might be fundamental differences to reconcile. You could have taken certain beliefs or outlooks on life for granted and have to work through them or decide if a new boundary needs to be enforced. If you or people close to you are in their twilight years then make sure to have wills and testaments reflect the current state of affairs and if you feel called then make notes for how your final journey should be handled.”

There is an emphasis on the passing of time and how we view the time we have left versus the things we want to accomplish or experience. If you get hit by the “I’m too old for X” then spending some time making friends with and being grateful for the teacher that time is could be beneficial.

To teach freedom you must know the cage. The fight before the flight. - Chelsie Diane

We will see consequences in a different light and there is a link to April’s themes around artistry, our inner mystic and the last Mercury Retrograde period. The breakthroughs and important moments in September could also be where we finalize the ending of relationships, collaborations and friendships.

It could also be where the card house finally collapses and we let the struggle and build-up from previous months level us before starting anew. October will light up the new authentic self emerging, and December will make us end the things that do not align with our faith, beliefs and values.

Own your desires

The harder lessons have to do with owning your desires, and the fact that you can fail at the safe choice and what you don’t want. You might lose faith in people you’ve been traveling with for a while. While we have companions on our path they might need to take a detour or excuse themselves all together. What comes up for you if you have to continue this path on your own for a bit or forever?

September could be your personal point of no return. A time to 'return to sender' the grief you have carried for others, a loved one, or the collective. It could also be the moment to release attachment to a smaller version of yourself.

Here are the cards for this month from Tosha Silver's The Wild Offering Oracle deck. Four cards wanted to offer affirmations. The deck uses different words throughout for the Divine so feel free to replace it with your own if the one on the card doesn't quite resonate.

Challenges - Unbearable situations throw you directly into God's arms if you are open. Please take over, Divine, and guide the right actions Please take this burden and show me Your Will!

Aging - I am one with unlimited Love, beyond all seeming restrictions of age. I am filled with joy, energy and beauty - a vessel for the Divine Shakti!

Being enough - The innermost heart says, "You are enough. Nowhere to go, nothing to get, nothing to change. No need to grow more deserving. You, yes You, are Love."

Calmness - The inner Divine is the witness of All, remaining still and quiet - even during intense turbulence. So take a deep breath, and then say, "Quiet my mind, dear Lord. May Your peaceful calm take over!"

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

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