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The Numerology Forecast - January 2023

Read the forecast for 2023 and the forecast for December 2022 here to get a sense of the energy that January builds upon. Mercury is retrograde until January 18th which means that there is an extra layer of static overall communication and connection in these first few weeks of the new year.

We’re in Capricorn season and the overall theme for January has to do with authenticity and justice. You could find yourself getting worked up over ridiculous rules and ticked off about antiquated authority structures. I could see both misplaced and righteous anger bubble up around work and communication. Pick your battles or there will be too many to count.

The healing theme that the transition from 2022 to 2023 creates means that many of us will be extra tired this month. Give yourself time to get over any holiday stress, and leave the decorations up if there is no energy right now for extra cleaning. Order take out or shop your pantry. Stay away from the January sales if your wallet feels empty. Take note of the behaviors and expectations that drain you.

Most of January will be an untangling of the 2022 energy and we won't fully feel the authenticity theme until the last 10-ish days of the month. If there are projects and ideas that you didn't get to finish from October through December last year then do them now. If you haven't done the end-of-year ritual from the December forecast there is still time to do so.

One of the things that can leave us disillusioned in January has to do with perception versus reality. When it comes to major life decisions like relocations, job negotiations and family expansions make sure you're on the same page as the people around you. If you're relying on others for income, support of any kind or making plans based on verbal agreements it would be a good time to get things in writing and reconfirm any agreements that could have energetically expired when we entered the new year.

Here are the cards for January 2022 from Tosha Silver's The Wild Offering Oracle deck. The deck uses different words throughout for the Divine so feel free to replace it with your own if the one on the card doesn't quite resonate.

True Offering - May I release the fears, illusions, and addictions that keep me from True offering. May I relax into Your Plan, Trusting that the next steps will always be shown. use me, Love; use me for the Highest. I am Yours Alone.

Challenges - Unbearable situations throw you directly into God's arms if you are open. Please take over, Divine, and guide the right actions. Please take this burden and show me Your Will!

Forgiveness - Healing comes from acceptance. Help me, dear Lord, to fully accept what Is, knowing that this alone will open me to the New!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

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