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The Numerology Forecast - October 2021

The Numerology Forecast for October 2021 by Novalee Wilder

October this year is a time to take care of the love in your life, honoring and centering the heart centered relationships that fill you up and expand your heart. Removing masks and questioning the persona and authenticity of the self you put forward into the world.

The images I’m getting have to do with the sea pulling back to reveal the ocean floor and what is revealed when the waves roll away. In the hum of everyday emotions, habits and thoughts you may not always appreciate or acknowledge the unspoken, subconscious motivations and impulses that shape your interactions.

What is your main inner emotion and drive? Our inner ‘why’ can be examined from both an up close and specific lens or as a much broader and all encompassing point of view. Many people in the spiritual field will say that Love is the way and share that they approach their work from a heart centered space yet those words will mean different things to different people. Are there any spaces where you’re ‘acting’ love out in an empty way? Or feel like you have to present yourself a certain way to receive affection?

If more love knocked on your door in whatever shape you’re most longing for - whether it be in the image of more time with loved ones, help from others, gifts, clearer boundaries, words of encouragement or self-care - would you let it in? Is there space in your heart, surroundings, bank account, business, relationships and overall for expansion?

There is also a current in this month’s energies of making sure that people are who they say they are and that their motivations are clear. Is anyone love-bombing their way into your space or making you move faster into a closer relationship than you normally would like? Do you have people who give you back-handed compliments? Are you putting up with some dysfunctional patterns disguised as love?

Love is a verb. This month all actions that are done with love as the goal will be rewarded, but be clear in your intentions and how you put yourself forward as perfection is a distraction - there is no perfect way to love, only the one that feels most true to you. Your love and expression doesn't have to match someone elses and you have permission to ask for love to reach you in your most desired form, whatever that is.

The cards I pulled this month are from Tosha Silver’s The Wild Offering deck and Meggan Watterson’s The Divine Feminine deck.

Two oracle cards from Tosha Silver's Wild Offering Deck and one card from Meggan Watterson's The Divine Feminine Deck on a marble table.
The card pull for October

Mistakes - Allow me to know it’s okay to make mistakes. Let me always take care of the inner Child so they always feel loved no matter what.

Lalla - Every word you say is an affirmation. Pay attention to the words you say within, the words you use about yourself in front of the people you love. What if every sentence is a prayer. If you want more love, more light, more of that joy and freedom that expands your capacity to be present in the world then become the author of your reality. You have the power to describe yourself in a way that changes the trajectory of your life. Always stepping closer to your own heart, use your words to guide the way.

Spaciousness - What do I no longer need? Help me, God, to release whatever people, places or things drain my vital essence. Show me what will fill me with enthusiasm and joy!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

PS: Forward this post to a friend who would love some insights into what this month has in store!


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