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The Numerology Forecast - August 2021

The Numerology Forecast for August 2021. Vibrant exotic orange flower in front of deep green palm leaves.
The Numerology Forecast - August 2021

This is my favorite time of year, high summer, Leo season and a diet that includes lots of ice cream! After the lower energy months of June and July we’re picking up the pace this month. There is magic and transformation in the air, time to pull out all the stops and go for it.

The energy this month is ready for quick transitions, it’s time to change it up and burn bridges both big and small. The energy is filled with the possibility of great adventures yet urging you to cut cords and start fresh. Maybe the reason your dreams seem far away is that you’re being held down by old opinions and world views? Are you putting ridiculous limits on yourself and arbitrary rules like ‘when I lose X amount of weight I’ll do the thing’ or ‘I have to work on this project exclusively even if some other idea wants my attention’? Then it’s time to stop playing by the rules and shake things up.

The energy wants to move so booking trips and vacations, going to open houses and trying out a new class or hobby is encouraged. August wants you to put in the application for that new apartment, apply for that visa, sign up for that new course and grab hold of something or someone that will pull you forward.

I’m getting the image of someone being pulled behind a jet-ski as the embodiment of this. Stop fighting the same old currents and relying solely on yourself and your own energy, look for someone or something that is already ‘above water' and that you can simply ride the power trail of by grabbing on and letting it pull you up.

This could also be a great month to examine the way your language is keeping you stuck. Are you spending more time listing out the challenges than mapping out possibilities? Do you always undermine yourself and your progress in front of others? Is it time to erase ‘should’ from your vocabulary?

I pulled two cards from Grandma Baby's Black Gold Lenormand - A 37-card deck celebrating the enduring legacy of Black Americans and their innate connection to spirit. The deck is so beautiful and powerful, the attention to detail is a tactile delight and it's finally back in stock! I pulled a single card from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck. We’re out of the water of Cancer season and the cards are pushy.

Two Lenormand cards and one tarot card pulled for The Numerology Forecast for August 2021
The cards for August 2021

Ring - Fire energy. A focus on contracts. Ring is a card of cycles, relationships and contracts. This card might indicate an exciting new business opportunity, or matrimony. On the flip side, it could be asking you to look more seriously into a bad contract or consider drawing one up to protect you from a risky decision. Finally this card can indicate the time and place to break a cycle. It might be why you incarnated here in the first place. An ancestor prayed you here to end a cycle that has been passed down generation after generation. Can you do the work to ensure this is the generation where it stops?

Ace of Disks - Earth energy. This card says GO! The light is green and the road is open. Even if the destination is not guaranteed you need to get on the road. This is the time to move forward on real-world matters, follow your ambitions, manifest physical and tangible results by getting out there and making it happen. Expand the container for wealth in all areas of your life.

Testimony - Air energy. This is a confirmation. Important messages or a long-awaited confirmation is on its way to you, so be ready to receive. Have you been waiting for a sign, a letter or the results of a consistent spiritual practice? It’s coming! Your prayers have been heard and action has been taken to move circumstances in your favor. Alternatively this might be the perfect moment to deliver your own message, to share your work and experiences with others. What have you learned that you’re eager to tell? This is the time to share your light.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

PS: Got a friend that would love some insights into the energy of August? Forward the forecast to them now!


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