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The Numerology Forecast - July 2020

We’re seven months into the revolutionary year of 2020 and now July is here with a playful new energy!

We’re still all feeling the retrograde effect of Mercury for the first week and a half of the month and the slower introverted energy can be triggering to move through. While Venus went direct on June 25th there is still lots of backward movement in the sky and if you find yourself stuck mentally, emotionally, or financially please just keep swimming and trust that new waves will come to lift you up. 

Are you feeling the slowdown of Mercury? Find my guide to getting through this period with ease here.

July holds themes of creativity, sensitivity, and fun, as we move from Cancer season into Leo territory there will be a marked change in the energy. 

With the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 4th/5th, there is a push to be brave in the matters of structure, family, and purpose. The energy wants us to question what we’re pursuing not just in terms of ambition but in the amount of joy we get out of our work. It can be tremendously rewarding to work hard to achieve a dream yet most things come easier and faster for people who truly enjoy the journey to get there. 

Whether you’re enjoying the summer from a vacation spot or working through the month of July it’s a great time to reflect and be aware of the amount of joy, pleasure, and sense of self you derive from your work and career. If you're struggling with work or are unemployed at the moment, look for jobs that speak to your creativity.

There is no right or wrong way to structure your life and July wants you to have fun with and focus on the inner spark that happens when you’re letting the pull of life guide you. It would be a great time to revisit some great works about creativity and vulnerability like:

This creative summer period comes with an opening, a kind of old and longing ache. It could be that some of the creative inklings make you nostalgic.

Sometimes we put our more innocent dreams on the back-burner and tough it out to face life while leaving parts of our inner child behind. If creativity and artistic expression are painful areas for you, July's nudge is to be gentle and heal some of the pain through curiosity. If it’s an old hobby or dream you pick up be kind to your former self. If you have a passion project that has been pushed aside come back to it with the clarity and eagerness of the beginner's mind.

"Creativity is the only currency that never devalues"

-Jo Malone

I’m reducing my hours for 1:1 sessions in July so if you’re on the verge of a name change or other session please don’t wait too long to book!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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