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The Numerology Forecast - January 2020

Welcome to a new decade! As I was taking down our Christmas tree today I contemplated the fact that I’ve been alive to witness the shift from one millennium to the next in 2000 and that I’ll live to see the new 20’ies, 30’ies, and beyond. What an extraordinary time to be alive, I can’t wait to see what this year and decade has in store for us all!

Sunrise over a field of grass with blurry trees in the background. The word JANUARY written across in capital letters. The Numerology Forecast by Novalee Wilder

Time is a fickle thing and while we’re definitely in a new year, the themes of 2019 take a bit to wean off so if you feel like you’re not fully in this new vibration yet then that’s completely normal. 

January this year is a month for making friends, offer introductions, network, serendipitous meetings and change in relationships. If you live in a cold climate then you might normally stay inside and not have many chances to meet new people. Make it easy for new opportunities to find you by hosting a ‘bring a friend’ dinner or game night or plan a potluck with a bunch of people you’d like to get to know better. If your workplace has any social gatherings planned or if you get invited to attend one at a different company - go!

As the vibration this month is amplified by the fact that we stepped into a year of change this month could also lead you to change direction in your career or get offered a job or a promotion. 

Everything that enters your world in terms of people and career opportunities this month has a sprinkle of significance. Even if you decide to turn down an invitation or don’t feel a deeper connection with someone there could still be a lesson or an idea that you’d never get to if it wasn’t for this person. Pay attention to your social calendar and make sure you’re visible so these new exciting changes can find you!

Speaking of new exciting changes - I'll be traveling to Denmark for in-person sessions from Jan. 30th - Feb. 5th, 2020 and you can book one of the very limited spots now!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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