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The Numerology Forecast - February 2023

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February is here with new energy for us all to share. This month has a twofold theme. One part is very sensitive, creative and expressive. There is an emotional maturity in the energy that lends itself to reflection on your patterns, thoughts and generational stories that could have surfaced throughout last year. The other part is more concerned with making something while the going is good, and the intuitive hint that conditions are about to change.

There is a clarity and depth of emotion that ramps up as Pisces season takes over at the end of the month but before then you might have to face some harsh truths, less than graceful exits and let go of the strings from 2022 that could still linger.

The outcome of February’s energy is the end of old cycles, the breakdown of any negotiation that might be the polite way of extending connections and agreements that need to be cut. This is the gentlest ‘goodbye’ energy which does not necessarily mean that things will be easy, more that you will understand in your heart why this is the end.

If you have already worked on cutting old cords, and released resentments and emotions, then the energy could be aided by a more physical or detached decluttering. Letting go of old clothes, furniture, and gifts from people you no longer share a bond with could help to close those chapters of your life for good. If something is still in your physical reality but your eyes have become blind to it - your subconscious still gets that hit of grief, lack of self-love or old hurt, it’s time to release it. This falls nicely in line with a general spring cleaning.

What you let go of this month could also have to do with old versions of yourself. Maybe it’s notes or textbooks from a course or degree that really fueled your self-image and sense of accomplishment years or even decades ago. Clothes and shoes from a career you’ve left behind. Love letters from an ex that didn’t treat you right. Gifts from friends you no longer talk to. Tax documents from an old business. Maybe it’s some of the anchors or investments made with some of your first big paychecks, tips or bonuses.

Each season of life comes with different priorities, this month make sure you clarify what this season of your life is focused on and what is just filler.

This is a month where we have to do the work we said we would. I’m feeling this as I’m writing my next book and the deadline is set so the words have to be written. It is not a bad feeling at all, but it means that I have to be disciplined and that my note app is always within reach as my guides like to share stuff just before I go to bed, in the middle of the night, or in the line at the coffee shop.

If you have obligations that have been neglected then look for ways to make coming back to them more joyful. If you have been talking the talk but avoiding the walk - now is the time to show up for yourself and the version of yourself that is emerging.

Here are the cards for February 2022 from Tosha Silver's The Wild Offering Oracle deck. The deck uses different words throughout for the Divine so feel free to replace it with your own if the one on the card doesn't quite resonate.

Hardship - May I embrace what's happening right now, as baffling or painful as it is. Help me, God, to trust where You are guiding me! I am Yours.

Spaciousness - What do I no longer need? Help me, God, to release whatever people, places, or things drain my vital essence. Show me what will fill me with enthusiasm and joy!

Intention - Intention is simply allowing the will and the mind to align and move in harmony. May I always focus on the Highest. My intention is that all God's wishes for me come true.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

PS: Do you need help seeing yourself clearly, what needs to be let go and what is waiting for you on the other side? Book a session to work with me.

PPS: Know someone who would love to know more about February? Share this forecast with them now!


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