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The Numerology Forecast - February 2021

You might have noticed that January’s forecast did not land on the blog as usual. I started this year off with a case of Covid and it seemed that the only remedy was Netflix period drama marathons and hot tea for a few weeks. But I’m back with the forecast for February and a new appreciation for my tastebuds and having a sense of smell!

One month into 2021 and the world has shifted in many ways. Energetically we are feeling the overlap of the last and the current year’s energies. The energy of 2020 = 4 and the energy 2021 = 5 means that the gentle energy in February can have a hard time reaching us. If you feel the pockets of peace and inspiration get overwhelmed by chaos, endings and aggression then you’re picking up on all the energies in play right now.

Since Mercury is retrograde until February 20th it’s a good time to take it easy, up your meditation, grounding and self-care practice, and keep your head low until 2021 is fully dialed in.

There are many ideas floating around us right now waiting to be made manifest and some of them are getting tired of being on your to-do list yet never making the jump into the world. Ideas can expire. They might pop into someone else’s head if you don’t start pinning them down and work on making them real. Spend the next few weeks clearing out and releasing some of the ideas you have strung along and move on to the ones you really feel pulled to work with.

You might feel some worthiness issues and imposter syndrome coming through, so shift your focus to your own work and path. Step away from outside input and comparing yourself to others. Pause the doom scrolling on social media. There is more than enough of everything to go around and your contribution is unique and needed.

I pulled three cards for February from Yasmin Boland's beautiful Moonology Oracle Deck and they speak directly into February’s intuitive and sensitive energy.

Balsamic Moon speaks to us about healing, surrendering and prompts you to look at how things would shift if everyone involved in your current challenges had healed. What would it feel like to heal and forgive yourself deeper? Let go of the past.

New Moon in Pisces touches on the romantic or destined encounters you can have this month. There is potential here for shifting your mental state, experiencing a deep connection to the divine and synchronicities that bring you luck. But be discerning, not every new connection will be the right one.

Waxing Moon - I feel this as an intense internal listening experience. Like in old movies where someone is trying to break into a safe by listening to the clicks of the lock dial - listen to your own internal clicks, the locks inside of you are turning. As you’re gaining access your core is reaching out to meet you.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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