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The Numerology Forecast - December 2020

Phew… the last month of 2020 is here and with it the forecast to conclude the roller-coaster that this year has been. I find my appreciation for numerology grows when I look at the larger patterns in the global energies because nothing can last forever, even in the darkest times we see that the light is coming.

This December the global vibration and the numbers speak about the journey we’ve been on this year and the cards I pulled enforced that the things that have been falling apart were meant to shift our gaze from an outward focus to a more intentional pursuit and expression of joy.

The vibration of December speaks of divine destruction and redirection, and with Sagittarius season upon us you can feel good about cutting ties, choosing freedom, and claiming your purpose with fearless abandon.

There is a real ‘If everything is going to be unpredictable I should at least be doing what I truly love and aim for my deepest desires while getting knocked down!’ energy present.

I find the universe has a great sense of humor and likes to mess with our expectations to see if we’re awake enough to be present and improvise in the moment. Just because the obstacles look different from what you thought they would doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path. It’s all going to turn out all right.

We’ve had plenty of time for tantrums and watching all the ‘grown-ups’ mess up this year. Many have been tipped off balance and into deep waters on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual plane. I’ve personally gone from thinking this was the year to build big things to realize that my spiritual work needed my attention and focus. The lesson of balance and relying on ALL your senses has been crucial.

The cards I pulled are from the gorgeous Grandma Baby’s Black Gold Lenormand deck by Tea. A 36-card deck celebrating the enduring legacy of Black Americans, you can find it here.

Cards from Grandma Baby’s Black Gold Lenormand deck: Tower, Mountain and Bouquet

Tower points to the structures and confining aspects of society or your community that are inescapable and destructive. If you cannot escape them you have to fight and add to the legacy you want to leave for the world. Your ancestor work has begun.

Mountain points to a stubbornness that might have been disguising itself as indecision. Expectations lead to disappointment. If you’ve been delayed you need to go over the plans and ideas you’ve had. You’ve changed, the world has changed and so the plans have to change too. Let go of the outcome.

Bouquet points to the lesson of trust and that we will never be able to see the full expression of something using only one part of our perception. Some things are gifts in disguise, others rejection wrapped up in pretty packaging. Trust your intuition and use the fullness of your senses.

Maybe you’re already feeling the energy of 2021 standing in the wings, the 5 energy that we’re moving into next year is adaptable and analytical. I’m expecting the mental confusion and miscommunication that this year has been steeped in to lift and clear our heads.

In other news - If a name change or a reading has been on your wish list then now is the time to make it happen! I only have four days left in December for sessions and in 2021 my prices will go up. For Cyber Monday and because I love to donate a LOT on Giving Tuesday use the code CYBER for 10% off* all sessions plus extra time added to The Appetizer, and The Full Reading until 12 AM PST Nov 30th.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

*except payment plans. You can book your session for December or in 2021.


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