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The Numerology Forecast - June 2021

White Bellflowers backlit by the sun and a blue sky. The Numerology Forecast for June 2021 by Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder
The Numerology Forecast - May 2021

June’s energy this year is gentle and sensitive with an invitation to slow down and rest. The energy of this 5 year is all filled up and available to us all but one of the things that this 5 energy can make us do is to run like hamsters in our own little wheel of importance. You might have very real demands and deadlines looming but this month asks you to take some time to pause, breathe, stretch and ease your way through the coming weeks.

Self care is sometimes a long bath or sleeping in, at other times it’s clearing something off your future to-do-list. If you could do a birds eye view of your days and weeks ahead what would make them flow easier? How can you ask and accept more help and support? How can you delegate as many tasks that zap your energy as possible? If you were your own parent and wanted to avoid the afternoon energy crashes or the before bed tantrums of your inner child, what kind of snack can you stock up on and what kind of habits should you emphasize this month? What kind of play dates can you set up for yourself?

Take care of future-you. This month see if you can continually make the future better for yourself by not over-promising or over extending yourself. Better to do a little each day than cramming everything in for future-you to have to deal with.

Responsibility and rest. This month's energy of sensitivity combined with Mercury being retrograde for most of it means that misunderstandings and miscommunication can take on a very emotional and volatile expression. Give yourself and others as much compassion as you can. Be nice to customer service reps and tip your servers extra as there will be fires started by the smallest things and empathy can go a long way to soothe the stormy waters.

The body keeps the score. The energy this month lends itself to somatic work. By releasing energy and tension stuck in your body and letting yourself feel and move through the wariness and grief that might come up. If you have worked on issues surrounding intimacy and safety then instead of pushing harder let there be more space and time for whatever comes up to move through gently. Time and space are mutable constructs and this month you’ll find that the lines blur a bit between any designated ‘healing spaces’ and the world you move through.

Play. The energy can, when honored, also point to playfulness, creativity and partying, here it’s still important to respect your boundaries and not get swept up in activity for activity’s sake. Stay for the fun, not for the fear of missing out.

The cards I pulled this month are from Tosha Silver's Divine Offering Deck, it uses different words throughout for the divine/god/source so adapt them to your own preference if you’d like.

Feelings - Emotions want to be felt. You really can’t surrender something until you deeply feel it. Allow me, dear Divine, to offer all emotions to You, feeling them fully so they no longer hold me captive.

True Love - Your wholeness and safety lie within, not from a partner. But this sovereignty actually leads to the deepest intimacy for you to stop using others. Let me stand on my own feet, dear Source, and know True Love.

Compassion - As you pray each day for greater compassion, a new self is born, drawing new people and experiences. Dear Love, help me feel ever deepening self-acceptance! May I see myself as You see me.

True Offering - May I release the fears, illusions and addictions that keep me from True offering. May I relax into Your Plan, trusting that the next steps will always be shown. Use me, Love: use me for the Highest. I am Yours Alone.

I am following the energy this month and have limited my calendar to only a few open days for sessions. I hope you get to follow the energy too in whatever way works for you.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Writer

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