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The Numerology Forecast - August 2020

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The Numerology Forecast by Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder

August is here and with it the culmination of many of this year’s energies. I’ve refrained from diving into every single heavy aspect with most of the monthly forecasts but this month I think it will be helpful to look at the lowest end of the global vibration and the ways to work with it.

August draws all the threads of April to a close. For some countries, this will mean the final phase of reopening after the quarantine. For other countries, there will be a resurgence of infections and new restrictions will be put in place. People will rebel against this out of exhaustion and desperation.

The social justice movements that have joined forces with new allies will see the seeds of the future, they’ve helped create, start to sprout. The energy is a mix of hope and disillusion. There has been progress and the work of dismantling racism has found its way to the hearts and lives of many. Yet for this giant push, there is still so far to go. 

There is a distinct theme this month about discomfort, frustration, and responsibility. I know it can seem like much of this year has had these themes but now we reach an apex. People will throw tantrums and place blame when they are confronted with hard limits.

A 4-year like 2020 can act as a piercing scream, shattering the shoddy foundations and its echo stays with us. Many dreams have crumbled this year and this month you might be staring at the ashes and looking for someone to blame. While it’s not a pleasant space to be in August offers a rock bottom for you to set off from. 

During this month many people usually roll from vacation mode back into action. This year has kept many from traveling or switching up the routines and the prospect of going back to home-schooling their kids while working full time will make them question the structure and purpose of their work.

We still have a couple of retrograde planets plus the comet Chiron in retrograde for a few more months. This puts an emphasis on excavating childhood wounding, healing it, and alchemizing the lesson into gifts. Neptune, the dreamer, and ruler of the base number 7 will be revealing where you’ve been romanticizing or demonizing the players in your life. You might feel yourself slipping from one reality to the next, sometimes finding yourself back in a simpler time and then catapulted into a far more complex perspective.

We’re all burning a lot of karma this year and when The Lion’s Gate portal shows up on 08/08 it’s time to carve out time to do a soul check-in. I’ll share more about that in the next blog.

The best way to work with the energy of this month is to lower your expectations and ask yourself ‘what’s the lesson here?’ when the energies become too intense. There is an opportunity for a Phoenix-like resurrection of higher ideals. If you've been feeling the burning fire inside to teach or share your vision or wisdom with the world it is time to do so. Why not you and why not now?

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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