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The Numerological Forecast - October 2018

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Are you feeling the fall vibes? I love when the weather changes. Rediscovering big scarfs, gloves and breathing in the smell of autumn in the air. As the leaves change colors and my local coffee shop’s menu gets taken over by the pumpkin spice craze we also get taken over by this year’s global vibration of October.

October’s global vibe is already influenced a bit by the themes that 2019 is inviting in. A brisk, focused energy that has more ambition and drive than our gentler process-oriented 2-year energy.

2018 is a 2-year because we always use the digit sum of a larger number to show us its essence. Want to read my yearly forecast for 2018?

October is reminding us that our personal story is always ours to write and rewrite. Extremely few people have an actual say in your emotional welfare and the power to change your life. The more you give your power away the harder it is to take responsibility for where your life is headed.

You have the power to write the story of you. To take the lessons and experiences that life serves you and make them the stepping stones of your own success. October is holding up the mirror of your own victim-hood and showing you the places and people that are draining you – and how you’re letting them get away with it.

It can be painful to admit that you have been self-sabotaging in fear of stepping into your own light and path. It takes a constant inner adjustment to not let societal norms, family dysfunctions, advertising ploys etc. derail you and keep you preoccupied with fires to put out and impossible standards to reach for.

Being human can be challenging enough there's no need to put restrictions or rules on top of it.

Be extra diligent about your own space and priorities this month. Make a point of celebrating your wins – however big or small. The global monthly vibration is accelerating fast before the next Mercury Retrograde happens in mid-November. It’s time to clear the path and your head from the belief that you’re not in control or have the power to change the trajectory of your path.

If you’re feeling like learning about this monthly vibration is more like reading about a constant feeling in your own life, it could be your name vibrations affecting you. Certain name vibrations can call in this experience in a way where it feels like you’re always wading through quicksand trying to get back on solid ground. Check out THE SMALL SESSION if you want my take on how your names and essence are interacting.

100% Love and pumpkin spice


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