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The Numerological Forecast - July 2018

I’m finally showing up on the blog again with a fresh numerological forecast for July. June was a little crazy for me with a 4 week visit in Denmark, starting the Love Leader course, a new personal name change (more on that in my next post), building my new Danish website that just went live so take a peek! And recording videos for my Name Change Session bonus.

I’m back on track and I hope you’re ready for a July that’s a lot more active and work-focused than we’re used to when the temperatures rise in this hot summer month.

This year has major numerological themes going on about process, patience and feminine power but July is actually all about closure, endings and finishing up old projects.

If you want to check out my blog post on the yearly energy of 2018 read it here.

Mars went retrograde on June 26th and Mercury will go retrograde on July 26th. The planets of action and communication can in their backward movement uncork any built up anger, repressed sadness and lack of expression that has been building up for you. Sudden and almost violent outbursts of emotion are to be expected and you can feel the energy as either an external barrier or an internal push.

To ride the wave of July taking action becomes imperative. This is the time to make your dreams come true or throw out your vision board and start from scratch. If you don’t have any work related plans and lots of time off then cleaning out stagnant energy in the spaces you inhabit can be a great way to utilize the energy for something constructive. The energy is pushing you into action and that could also mean into taking a stance for injustice or getting active in your community.

If you are working this summer then make sure to pace yourself and don't let the energy drive you into a faster rhythm than what your body can handle. With the amount of closure and transformation that’s possible it’s important to savor the wins and celebrate the achievements that you undoubtedly will experience.

The energy has your back if you're ready to clear the drawing board and get on with what's truly important. As you finish up projects and clear out old baggage, make room to reflect on what has worked and the steps you need to take to refine the vision you have for your future. In every empty space you create is the possibility for new and exciting adventures and experiences.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Writer

PS: Know somebody who needs a heads up about the global vibration of July 2018? Please feel free to share this forecast with them!


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