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The Numerology Forecast for January + 2018

A New Year is here and so is the forecast for both 2018 and the month of January.

Welcome to 2018 beautiful soul!

I hope you've made the jump into the New Year safely and surrounded by love. This year brings us a fresh new global vibration and in this post I’ll walk you through the themes, tricks and thoughts that will help you navigate the coming year.

2018 is a 2-year in our 9-year global cycle. 2017 was a 1-year and was fast-paced and constantly challenging you to step it up. Whenever you got used to something it seemed like the rules changed and new players got introduced. The light found much darkness to uncover and expose to clear the stage for us. 2018 is pulling the brakes and calling in patience, collaboration and tending to the seeds and ideas that were born in 2017.

The vibration of 2 has to do with nourishing yourself and the projects you’ve been involved with. There is a slowing down of the general push forward and a focus on balance and a deepening of the relationship with yourself and others.

"The creative possibilities of this year come from forging supportive networks and fostering forgiveness and diplomatic connections. This is a time to water your plants and choose the most joyful and easy way forward."

- Novalee Wilder

This year is not supportive of aggressive or reckless behavior even though we also have a theme about spiritual and material oppositions colliding. This could potentially show up as a volatile and sudden eruption on a global scale of peace or the current status quo. The important thing to remember in a situation that gets out of hand in your own life on a larger scale is that anger, hate, aggression or fear will only lead to more of the same. Only love, compassion, forgiveness, making amends and focusing on peaceful and inclusive collaborations will bring these things into reality. This does not mean that you don’t fight when you get challenged or see injustice, just that you don’t lower your energy when dealing with it. Fight for and with love and peace as the ultimate outcome for all. Segregation, annihilation, and lack of empathy bring everyone down. 2 is the vibration of duality and reconciliation of differences.

Another facet of the yearly vibration is the exploration of you and the ways you fit in with the things that 2017 brought into your life. Who are you today and how are you dealing with the new responsibilities and challenges? How are you setting yourself up for success? In what ways are you tending to your own needs and desires?

This year brings in a  clearer definition and boundary setting in terms of personal relationships and quiet power.

Those are the big themes of 2018, let's look at this year's first month - January.

The change from one year to the next can be a little muddled and the energies of last year bleed into this first month a bit. This can feel like driving with the brakes on while you’re waiting for the speed and power of last year to slowly lift its feet off the gas. The best advice I have is to step back and take the position of the spectator for a bit. Let the new configuration take hold. If you’re in the northern hemisphere allow the winter hibernation vibes to show you the most comfortable way to analyze and work out the basic tasks that have to be done or worked on this month.

With the full moon and total lunar eclipse on January 31st, we say goodbye to the things and ideas that aren’t coming with us into the full vibration of 2018. While spring is usually the time we feel called to clean and declutter this winter month is great for discarding and reevaluating the current set up in any area you spend a lot of time in. That goes for your internal world as well. Clear your space and clear your mind to move forward with ease.

That's a wrap on the first forecasts of 2018! I had an amazing 2017 and can't wait to see what's in store for us all in the next twelve months.

100% Love & New Years Light

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author


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