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Diversity, Inclusivity, and Activism

It's Friday night and the City of Los Angeles has declared an overnight curfew. I've felt the tension and listened to the sirens and the circling police helicopters all day.

I want to amplify the voices of black and brown people in light of the recent events highlighting racial injustice in the USA. I'd like to provide resources and perspective for you to dive into. I know it can be overwhelming for all of us (for different reasons) to figure out what we should be doing in a situation like this.

No matter who we are and where we live, racism is part of the fabric of our society. To say we don't see race or try to focus on positivity instead of addressing the very real and constant systemically enforced divide is hurtful and privileged.

I have lots of emotions and thoughts on this and am expanding my anti-racism work, on-going education in diversity, and committing to learn from and financially support the voices of people of color, specifically black people. But my emotions and thoughts aren't what's important in this conversation.

I'll list some resources below. My advice would be to use the list like this: For every link that you open, money you donate, or article you read that feels easy - please commit to reading and doing something on the list that makes you uncomfortable.

Dealing with and learning about racism is inherently uncomfortable and triggering. While I want you to pay attention to your mental health I also want to push you towards a greater understanding and amount of on-going action.

I know that many of you on my email list and those who follow my blog aren't living in the US. I still urge you to educate yourself through these resources or your own research. Learning about racism in another country will open you to see and take action on the racism in your own life. We aren't taught about the patterns of oppression in schools in a way that makes us aware of how our current racial reality is shaped by our history. Almost everything is whitewashed and narrated by the oppressors. We all have conscious and unconscious biases we need to look at individually to be able to eradicate the racism within our society.

A note on financial support - If you would normally donate a one time amount, see if there is a way of being part of the on-going conversation and education. Your contributions could be part of the continuous push forward for equality. You could become a member of the NAACP or join Rachel Cargle's The Great Unlearn.

Resources, Articles and Ideas:

Read: Me and White Supremacy and work through the prompts by yourself or with your book club.

Donate to anti-white supremacy work such as your local Black Lives Matter Chapter, the National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls, the NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center, United Negro College Fund, Black Youth Project 100, Color of Change, The Sentencing Project, Families against Mandatory Minimums, A New Way of Life, and Dream Defenders. Join some of these list-serves and take action as their emails dictate.

Support black banks by using them for your financial needs, find out more here.

Read: Financial Literacy in the Black Community - about the racial wealth gap.

Read: Black hair discrimination and its far-reaching implications. Understand the Discrimination, side effects of straighteners and the lawsuits.

Call corporations and leaders into the conversation. Ask your leaders and the people with larger online and offline followings to take a stand and share how they use their influence for change and to amplify black and brown voices.

There are many ways of supporting and uplifting the black voices we need to listen and learn from right now. If you have resources resource you'd like me to share please add them in the comments and I'll update this blog and the social media posts that I'll be sharing too.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Writer

PS: Please share this post with anyone who would benefit from the resources.


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