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The mini course Numbers That Sell is the easiest way to start using numerology when picking titles, product names, prices and using the daily energies as part of your business, sales and marketing. You get access to the video and PDFs as a bonus after your Business Name Change Session so you immediately can see what energy is hiding in the title of your blog post and how to find that 'flying off the shelves' pricing every time.

Numbers That Sell

  • All mini courses are under 1 hour long with downloadable documents so you can easily refer back to the material.


    Videos in this course:

    Numbers That Sell, 42 mins.


    PDF's in this course:

    Titles That Sell

    The Most Supportive Days + Pricing


    Other resources for this couse:

    The Numerology Name Calculator


    Materials you'll need:

    Al list of your current product names and prices

    Paper and pen or an open writing document

With the proceeds from

every session we plant trees

through the non-profit organization ONETREEPLANTED

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