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Numerology and the numbers 4 and 13/4

I had a session the other day that made me want to dig deeper into one of the name vibrations that I’ve always had a crush on. I geek out big time when things, from a numerological perspective, really click into place. So let me introduce you to 13/4.

  • Do you know a Marie, Laura, Jackie, Cora, Greg, Lee, Will, or Diaz? These are some of the names with this vibration.

  • If you were born on the 13th of any month, in any year, then it’s part of your essence. Or:

  • If you were born in a year where you go through 13 to get to the digit sum 4. Then it's part of your essence

  • People who have/had this vibration: Marie Forleo, Jacqueline Kennedy, Albert Einstein, and Bruce Lee.

As a name vibration, 13/4 can support or make a mess of your life. As part of your essence = your birthday, it will never be inharmonious, but your essence might not be supported by your names. If you want to see if this vibration is part of your name, you look it up here. In the following, I will talk about the name vibration 13/4.

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The Number of Change - 13/4 stands for transformation and revolution, it will bring new thoughts, ideas, and paths into the light. Inherent in the vibration is the power of destruction, things fall apart and innovation and creativity take over to create a new world.

The vibration of 4 spans the spectrum from rebel to genius. You HAVE to color outside the lines! Why do what everyone else is doing? With 13/4 the genius can be really apparent from early on. With 13/4 you see what is missing and you manifest it. There is healing and a beautiful golden light available to those who use this force for the good of others.

People with this energy will attract like-minded individuals and form tribes easily. They carry the seed of tomorrow in their hearts and can envision the next steps needed to get there.

With 13/4 you have the courage to go after your dreams, even when other people don’t see the things you're chasing. The vibration will attract devoted fans if you become a more public figure because it makes you a beacon for change.

To make the most of this vibration you have to focus on building your foundation. Apply consistency in how you approach and use your creativity. Use your power for good and the rewards are endless, your tribe will find you and you will belong. If you use this creative power selfishly or with less than-stellar intentions, it will turn on you. The edge between destruction and creation can be a very fine line.

When this vibration is inharmonious and not supporting your essence, a deep feeling of “if only…” and “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” can dominate your mindset.

Dissatisfaction can stop you from focusing on your own ideas and path. You start comparing yourself to others and your life seems filled with things that are in your way, blocking you from that elusive place of creation and fulfillment.

It can get maddening when the ideas that come knocking never stop and you refuse to act on them. Self-sabotage and resistance to healing can drive you to hunt for things that might seem like they would be “it”, but they will always disappoint.

13/4 is notoriously difficult to let go of as a name vibration. It’s the one vibration I always see if I can let people keep when they want to change their name. The golden light and creativity it brings are hard to be without.

If you ever call on the energy of higher love you will feel the inherent hope and belief that flows through 13/4.

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100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author


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