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There is always more love!

On some level, it could seem that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. I know that the news and social media sites are full of doom, graphs, emergency supply lists, capital letters and songs that implore us all to wash our hands.

pick back ground with the words 'there is always more love' across, laptop wallpaper by Novalee Wilder

Many people are offering spiritual and practical perspectives on the current coronavirus outbreak and containment. But my experience with fear, paranoia and scare tactics tells me that laughter, release, and re-focusing on our inner world are more helpful than hoarding toilet paper or canned beans. Be compassionate with yourself and others that might process things differently than you.

I suggest you take time to supply your inner child with as many wonderfully creative and adventurous things to do. Reread your favorite books, optimize the coziness of your home, build pillow forts and bake something from scratch. Thrust yourself into the present moment by getting into nature or just go for a walk while listening to your favorite podcast. Calm yourself by consuming food and creations that feel comforting and well-known.

If you want to stay informed but limit your scrolling, get your info from a place like Information Is Beautiful.

This too shall pass and if you'd like to take action to make the future brighter for us all here are some things you can do to support it: order food from you local Chinese/Asian restaurant, order supplies from independent stores, instead of asking for a refund on a booking see if you can use it toward future purchases. Tip well and share the resources you have. Check-in with friends, family, and anyone who might self-quarantine to stay safe.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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