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The Numerology Forecast - May 2022

May is interesting this year, we have some deep sensitivity going on top of the Mercury Retrograde from May 10th to June 2nd. Charting a course or holding an intention is extra beneficial the next four weeks. When the energies are pointing to more emotional reactions, we can quickly get spun into arguments or drama.

This month people’s reactions to mundane tasks and challenges can be extra - this means that you need to be aware of setting the mood and lifting the energy if you feel everything dragging you down. If you have people in your life who have a tendency to gossip, dive into misery and wallow in challenges this is the moment to set some limits around those interactions. If you are that person in your own life it’s time to find some pattern interrupters and forgiveness of previous behaviors.

Setting these limits or boundaries might make you more aware of the power of intentions. If you know reaching out or sharing about good things never gets met with celebration from certain people in your life and family then you need to stop yourself from repeating that pattern. No need to share with those who won't join or appreciate your party.

We have all been the nay-sayer, the dream killer or critic at some point in life. That’s ok, we can learn from that and set new intentions and grow in our communication and emotional intelligence. We can go looking for disappointment simply because it’s what we have been modeled and consequently repeat. We can also go looking for joy, appreciation and recognition.

Questions to ask yourself this month:

  • What kind of energy am I available for?

  • What is the easiest way of resetting my mood?

  • How will I set intentions for my interactions and days?

  • What will I do if I feel the energy dragging me down?

  • Can I forgive myself for being part of some negative patterns?

  • Where am I too attached to someone else's mood and actions and need to detach?

  • Where am I so independent I’m not emotionally available for the people I care about?

  • Can I forgive others for showing their love and concern by picking my dreams or achievements apart?

The more intentional we are this month the more we have the opportunity to enjoy the higher aspects of the energy. There is deep and overwhelming joy and pleasure to be experienced if we aim higher and lighter. Since Mercury is retrograde most of May this would also be a great time to forgive any old patterns, behaviors, interactions, and stories where you got overwhelmed by other people's emotional lives. Maybe you’ve made choices purely based on how others would react to them. Maybe you’ve given up on certain dreams or followed a path just because others told you it was the safest one and it’s time to forgive and free yourself.

There is a juxtaposition between safety and freedom this month so another point of tension is in the ways you let both energies shape your life. How can feeling safe lead to more freedom? How can being more free lead you to more safety? Have any of the big choices in your life been made from the basic need for safety or freedom? Do you feel any reaction in your body when connecting with the energy of safety or freedom?

I pulled three cards from Tosha Silver’s Wild Offering Deck and the cards are very clear - it's better to be alone than in bad company.

Companionship - When you fully bless and embrace your aloneness, you're ready for the ones who are meant to be with you. May I welcome this solitude knowing it will open the way for all healthy relationships.

Sanctuary - A sanctuary resides inside you no matter what is happening. This inner temple beckons you to enter. Take a deep breath, enter and sit down on the throne of your own heart.

Solitude - Once you embrace the Inner Divine and your own sacred solitude, the right people arrive at the right time, exactly on schedule, without forcing or chasing.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

PS: Share this forecast with someone who'd love to know what May has in store for us!


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